Zenfone 7 to be packed with powerful flip-up camera

Zenfone 7 to be packed with powerful flip-up camera


ASUS Zenfone 7 will feature powerful and innovative camera system to capture stunning photos in different situations. The device is mounted triple motorized Flip-Up main camera consisting of 8MP, 12MP and 64MP. The type of cameras mounted on the Zenfone 7 will allow users to collect the best memories in low light situations. The ability to capture high quality photos and store them on-board the smartphone is possible with support of 128GB memory.


Sharing is also caring for Zenfone 7 users with support of Bluetooth 5.0 mounted on the phone. Users can now share captured photos with friends and family using a fast Bluetooth connection. The ability to browse and download torrents in high speed is also possible with 5G network capabilities. Users can now download torrents in less time with support of high speed internet.


Going deeper into more features built-in the Asus Zenfone 7, we take a look at the display. The phone is mounted with a high resolution 6.67 Inches Super AMOLED display dedicated for better image quality. The ability to experience clear vivid images is possible on the device with support of Adreno 650 graphics. High quality graphics can be experienced with the power of Qualcomm CPU paired with Adreno graphic card. Full Smartphone specs>>


Stable performance and reliability is also something to consider on the smartphone as it packs powerful hardware. The phone is powered by Snapdragon 865 7nm+ to deliver good performance to its users. The Octa-Core processor will work together with high capacity ram of up to 8GB to allow efficient multitasking on the phone. Multitasking becomes easier with support of enough memory combined with a fast Octa-Core processor.

Good performance works hand in hand with a stable battery and the Zenfone 7 is packed with the right cells. The smartphone is mounted with a high capacity 5000mAh battery to provide stable power. It can take up to 93 minutes to get the battery fully charged with support of 30W fast charging capabilities.



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