Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Techno POP 2 Mini google account bypass in simple steps


Techno POP 2 Mini google account bypass in simple steps

Reliable method to bypass google verification on Techno POP 2 Mini Android 8.1 smartphone when you forget account details.


Smartphones play a vital role in our lives nowadays and when it stops working then you feel like your life stopped as well. All Android phone running version 5.0 upwards features FRP to secure personal data on a hard reset phone. It is difficult to use your phone again without providing accurate google account details after hard resetting your phone. Today I will be showing you how you can easily regain control of your Techno POP 2 Mini after hard reset.


First download "Remote 1 apk & Anddoes Launcher" at: https://www.tzaneen-pc-tech.xyz/p/downloads.html from another phone. Copy the apks to MicroSD Card. Make sure you have good Wi-Fi connection, now insert the Memory Card in your Locked Techno POP 2 Mini.


<<Follow step by step below>>


Power ON your Techno POP 2 Mini >> Press start & connect to a good Wi-Fi Connection >> Go back to Start Screen >> Press "Emergency" >> Again press "Emergency twice" until it turns RED >> Now press the 3 Dots top right of screen >> There should be one Customer Care Contact Number on the List >> Press It >> Press the 3 Dots on the right >> Now press Share >> Select Google Go >> Now look for "Files Go" file manager app on the list >>


Browse SD Card >>Go to "Downloads" >>Select "Remote 1" Install & don't Open it >> Allow File Manager if Installation is Blocked >> Again Select "Anddoes Launcher" >>Install & Open It immediately >>Go to Settings >>Security>>Deactivate "Device Admin" & Screen Lock >>Go to back to settings >>Go to "Apps & Notifications" >>See All Apps >>Press 3 Dots top right >> Show System >> Scroll down & look for "Google Play Services & Google Services Framework" >> Disable Both of them >>


Go back to settings >> Go to User Accounts >> Add Account>> Press a "Blue" Google Icon >>Enter Valid Google Account Details >>Sign-In >> Agree >>Don't mind the "Remote 1 has Stopped" Error >> Go back to settings >> Apps & Notifications >> See All Apps >> Press 3 Dots to right >> Show System >>Now Enable "Google Play Services & Google Services Framework you Disabled before >> Restart your Techno POP SA 2S while connected to Wi-Fi >> Proceed with initial setup >> It will now say "Account Added" >> Complete remaining steps & you are DONE!!


Congratulations, you successfully bypassed google verification on your Techno POP 2 Mini.




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