Privacy Policy

Tzaneen-PC-Tech privacy policy which guides users how their private information is handled on our website and platforms linked to Tzaneen-PC-Tech and TimarkAds.

Information is crucial to any business and user personal data becomes the most important thing to assure users that their personal data is kept and handled safely. Tzaneen-PC-Tech will always put the privacy of users as private as possible to ensure that no user personal data is leaked to unauthorized users who may use it maliciously.

Users of Tzaneen-PC-Tech website need not worry about privacy when visiting our site and we will always respect their privacy. We realize no one would like to find their personal data compromised at any time as fraudster are targeting user personal data to commit fraud at the time. Tzaneen-PC-Tech is secure with https to ensure that no one can access your personal data while visiting our website. We always ensure that we do not share anyone’s personal information without user consent so that our users are kept safe always when visiting our website.

We are aware of modern ways of getting unauthorized access to personal data and we will always keep our users informed of any new suspicious ways of collecting personal data illegally. Tzaneen-Pc-Tech will not collect user personal data while the user is unaware, we will only collect personal data if you contact us or when requesting service only and we assure that user personal data will be kept safely and confidential always.

No personal data will be shared with third party agencies which may use it maliciously and all the information we get is treated as confidential as possible and used only for its purpose.

Privacy get top priority in the line of our business and we try our best at all times to keep it private and only available to us for its purpose.


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