Tzaneen-PC-Tech offers the best IT Support and Digital Marketing services - Get affordable PC Troubleshooting, Smartphone Unlocking and Digital Marketing with up to 30% OFF.

Computer gadgets are our daily equipment we can’t afford to live without nowadays. When it stops working or lock you out then is harder to go through the day. As Tzaneen-PC-Tech we want to see every Computer or Smartphone working at top speed and how it is supposed work. It may be your Smartphone Locked or Bricked, your PC Crashed or need Special Software for your project then you are at the right place and eligible for up to 30% in discounts. 

Below is list of our IT Support and Digital Marketing Services



·         PC Troubleshooting | Phone Unlocking | Software Upgrade | Hardware Upgrade | Laptop Hinge Repair | PC Performance | Password Bypass | PC Security | Virus Removal | Software Installation | Software Repair | Data Recovery | Data Backup | Gadgets Cleaning 



·         Web Design | SEO | Social Media Management | Website Monetisation Website Optimisation for Adsense | Logo Design | Flyre/Brochure Design Business Card Design | Letterhead Design | Email Signature Design | Business Profile Design




Our services extend to computers as they are mostly used for business and personal purposes. When it comes to computers, a lot of problems arise during the use of computer devices as viruses are created every day to slowdown devices. We offer important computer services which will help you keep your business running and your PC in a good working condition for fast performance.


As we realize that viruses are the most problems everyone experiences on computers. We came up with services ranging from virus removal, performance improvement, clean windows installation and many other computers related services. A good working computer improves productivity in the workplace and improves efficiency in managing information and projects. The time your computer stops then your business stops too because you can’t proceed with your day job before it gets fixed.

By making sure your computer is always cleaned for viruses and optimized for top speed, your PC will never let you down in the middle of your job. Keeping your computer up to date with the latest security patches can fix vulnerabilities in your system to protect your information from Cyber Attacks which are popular nowadays.


Onsite Assistance, Pickup & Drop-Off available in Tzaneen & Surroundings prior arrangement!!


In addition to our IT Support services, we offer our customers Internet Café services such as Printing, Scanning, Emailing, Lamination, Internet Access and more.


DIY Firmware download for Samsung and iPhone to Upgrade, Repair or Flash your Smartphone.


Also see Web Design




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