Sunday, July 3, 2022

Samsung Galaxy M51 packs massive memory


Samsung Galaxy M51 packs massive memory

Samsung is known to come up with powerful phones which can compete at any level in the phone arena. The Galaxy M51 is one of its latest addition to a collection of powerful and capable hardware. Enough memory is a reality on the Galaxy as it is mounted with large memory. The device is mounted with up to 8GB high capacity ram to allow multitasking on the phone. As for the storage, 128GB memory is mounted on the smartphone to allow large file download.


Extending our focus and looking at the type of processor mounted on the Galaxy M51, it is powered by a Snapdragon 730 8nm. The CPU will ensure high performance and stability when paired with the 8GB memory. The ability to multitask is possible on the phone with the power of Octa-Core processing combined with large memory. Full Smartphone Specs>>


Taking a look at the smartphone display, the device is mounted with a large 6.7 Inches Super AMOLED screen. High quality images can be viewed on the Galaxy with support of powerful Adreno 618 graphics mounted on the smartphone. Users can now enjoy high quality images with the power of Qualcomm processing paired with Adreno graphics. Game players can also take their gaming skills to the next level on a large high resolution screen powered by Adreno graphics.


Taking the best quality pictures is also a reality on Samsung Galaxy M51 with support of powerful camera sensors. The phone is powered with quad rear cameras consisting of 2x 5MP, 12MP and 64MP. The ability capture high resolution images is possible on the device with powerful low light cameras. The front camera is only a 32MP selfie to collect stunning pictures in different situations.


Sharing the best moments captured by powerful cameras is possible with Bluetooth 5.0 mounted on the phone. The ability to share files fast is reality with support of a powerful Bluetooth adapter. The Galaxy M51 will come in three colors of Celestial Black, Electric Blue and White. Samsung lovers can expect to pay an estimated $370 for the device.


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