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Friday, January 25, 2019

How To Protect Your PC From Hackers

Simple ways to protect your PC from hackers and prevent data and financial loss - Ways to protect your PC from hackers and secure your information without stress.

Hackers are always trying to find new ways to infiltrate your PC at all costs and protecting your information becomes critical. All sorts of important information can be acquired easily by hackers and used in a bad way and is why you need top grade security on your PC especially if you are dealing with personal information.
How To Protect Your PC From Hackers
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Small, medium and individuals are the most targets as they usually don't take computer security as a priority and that put them and their business in danger. The smallest information a hacker can get on your PC can be catastrophic in an unimaginable way. It doesn't matter if is an email address, phone number or a small file which contains personal data as it gives the hacker one step closer from launching his attack.

The are several ways a hacker can gain access to your PC without you knowing and that is real and too easy to achieve for someone who knows what he or she is doing.

So today I want to share light on the simple things to do to protect your PC from hackers.

First make sure that your PC is always running updated Antivirus and Anti-Malware software at all times. Note that a free Antivirus might not secure your computer successfully the way it should be because of limitation on free software licenses. Second thing is installation of cracked software as most users prefer them in order to avoid buying software licenses and subscriptions. Is dangerous especially if you don't know how hackers work.

Here is how they do it, they can take any known and reputable software and bind it with a server which send back your computer info to a remote computer somewhere remotely. They only need two tools to this, namely....a software binder and monitoring app. The binder will be used to bind two apps together and there other app will be hidden within and installed with administrator privileges author when you install the software.

Then immediately when you connect to the internet, the monitoring software with notify the hacker that one victim has been acquired then the hacker have total control of your PC without your knowledge. You won't see a thing and he can copy, modify, delete files, see your face and even crash your computer if he likes.

So this is how dangerous it could be, the other method the hacker will send you an email pretending to be from a company that you trust like your bank. Then when you click here you will arrive to a website exactly similar from your bank or any other company that you know Bor use then if you make a mistake and sign-in with your credentials you are done. The hacker is now having your banking details and access codes and you will lose all or some of your money.

So don't click links from emails you don't know. Also take time and fine tune your Anti-Malware or antivirus software with advanced settings panel to reinforce your computer security. Seek help if you don't understand advanced settings available in your security software because some are complicated and sometimes causes undesirable outcomes if you don't know what they do.

Secure your PC now and never never a victim of hackers.

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Friday, May 25, 2018

How To Extend Hp Laptop Battery Life

The best effective way to extend Hp laptop battery life but still get the maximum performance – Best tips to fix and avoid Hp battery not charging issues.

How to extend Hp laptop Battery Lifespan
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Advance computer users usually requires fast processing laptops as they need fast results and nothing should delay their work process. A Laptop battery has a lifespan and excessive utilization and frequent recharge of the battery quickly shorten its lifespan.

When you have no electricity at some point then you will need to use battery power instead of your electricity and a stronger battery is required to deliver the same performance it should running on electric power. Selective power modes are available on windows ranging from low, balanced to high performance. To achieve the maximum performance, obviously high performance can be selected to get top performance of your laptop.

Today I would like to focus on how an optimizer software can reduce your laptop battery lifespan if not configured nicely. There are several optimizer software you can use to achieve maximum performance instead of default windows power modes. Let focus on iobit advanced system care as one of the best performance improvement software. On this piece of Software we are going to specifically focus on the Game Mode available in the software and demonstrate the impact of using this mode while operating on battery.

This is a real tested method which indicates rapid battery drain when activated. This mode can give the best speed on your laptop especially when using low ram PC’s of Celeron based processors or any equal to less processor.

For an optimizing software to boost your laptop performance, certain processes need to be stopped to free system resources. Any attempt to increase performance on a laptop will result in high battery usage no matter which software or configuration you use. In this case I am talking about a laptop which was bought in 2015 around may then the battery died April 2018, is almost two years.

Let see how frequent the laptop operated on battery;

The laptop operates on battery less than three (3) times in any week and not more than five (5) hours per use. One other thing an optimization software was used from 2017 always in game “mode”. I am providing this information to show you exactly how the power mode you choose can affect your laptop battery negatively. In my view, I was expecting my battery to last for at least the next three years but it did not even though I do not use my PC on battery most of the times.

But one thing which troubles me is that in my laptop power options, it was set to go to power saver automatically at 95% of battery power and still my battery did not last. So now I wonder if is a factory problem on the battery or is the software I used to optimize my laptop because everything was running smoothly until the next morning the battery does not charge and stays at 70% only. Suddenly after some few reboots, system say battery is empty and need to be replaced.

So it may be confusing sometimes to diagnose the real cause of HP battery short lifespan. If is not a factory problem, then changing how we use our laptops with battery should change.

Three things you should not do with your laptop battery;

Ø Removing the battery frequently
Ø Always plugged in with electric power 
Ø Using your laptop with electric power 90% of the time while battery is healthy & working

Tips to extend your laptop battery lifespan

Ø Operate your laptop on battery 90% of the time and recharge it normally the way you do with cellphones.
Ø Is better to use system built power modes specifically “Balanced”

I hope the article will help you extend the lifespan of your HP laptop batteries.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

How To Increase PC Speed

Ways to increase PC speed to improve productivity in the workplace - Best computer performance tips to increase PC speed for a faster working system.

How To Increase PC Speed
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Running a slow computer is frustration and a lengthy process to complete a simple task. Like with any computerized device like tablets, smartphones and any device which deals with ram and CPU's, performance will always be something that everyone is looking for in a device.

I'll focus more on PC as is the most powerful tool most people use to do more advanced tasks which require fast processing power. The most important thing on PC's is to know your hardware...CPU's, Graphic cards, Disk spaces because this think determines your PC speeds. Even though your PC might be faster by its hardware, there are some aspects which can make slow. The first thing will be the kind of software you run on your system, installing software which requires a 4gig ram on a PC with 2gig ram won't do you any good. Running bigger applications on a small hardware PC will significantly slow down your PC even if your PC is designed to be fast. Most of the problems we don't realize , like an antivirus program is very important to any PC user but also slow down your PC if you don't choose the right one. Some antivirus programs are just too large for smaller PC's like any other larger software which require high speed processors and bigger rams will likely slow your PC down. Also running multiple applications at the same time on a PC with small ram and CPU will probably crash and slow down your PC.

Now I'll give you simple tips to improve your PC performance and be able to get things done fast on your PC. Is frustrating to wait 30 seconds for a window to open on your PC....!! I'll start with an antivirus,...Look for an antivirus which is not big in size and which includes a toolbox on the same application. The toolbox with include more or less of a cleaner, optimizer and more tools within the app which are downloadable. This will enable you to have an all in one application which can do almost anything on your PC. Avoid installing duplicate applications which does the same functions...Also avoid installation of software which are above your PC requirements. Sometimes we install applications we don't use on our PC's...because a lot of installed applications create a lot of processes on your PC which use most of your memory(Ram) and that slows down your computer.

I hope you'll find this article helpful and that your PC will start running fast... Keep in touch or subscribe by email on the right widget area of this website to receive updates automatically as I post.