Six Methods To Bypass Google Verification On Mobicel Smart Series

Six Methods To Bypass Google Verification On Mobicel Smart Series

The best six methods to bypass google verification on Mobicel Smart Series when you forgot google account – Reliable six ways to bypass google account on Mobicel smartphones.


Reliable fast methods to bypass google account verification on Mobicel smartphones when they are locked after a hard reset procedure. Today we are showing you six methods you can use to bypass frp lock on Mobicel Smartphones.


Method One >>


Power "ON" your Tab and proceed with initial setup >> Choose "Add Another Network" >> Type anything in the "Network Name" field >> Press and Hold "Text" typed in the "Network Name" field >> Press the "3 Dots" on pop-up menu >> Then click "Assist" >> Then type "Settings" in the search bar and Select it from the list >> Then under "Settings" select "Backup & Reset" >> Factory Data Reset >> Reset >> Erase Everything >> The Reset process will begin & wait until it finishes >> Proceed with initial setup >> Now "Skip" option will be visible >> Complete initial Tab setup and you are DONE.



Method Two >>


Power "ON" your Phone >> Proceed with initial setup >> Choose "Add Another Network" >> Type anything in the "Network Name" field >> Press and hold text to highlight it >> Select "Share" from the small popup window >> Press and Hold "Gmail" >> Scroll down and select "Notifications" >> Select "App Settings" >>  Press the "3 Dots" top right corner of your screen >> Select "Manage Accounts" >> Press "Continue" >> Now Scroll down to "Backup & Reset" under settings >>  Factory Data Reset >> Reset Phone >> Then "Erase Everything" >> Proceed with initial phone setup >> Now it will show "Skip" before you connect "Wi-Fi >> Complete phone setup entering relevant information >> Then you are done.


Method Three >>


Insert "Sim Card" >> Power it "ON" >> Call It with another phone >> Accept Call >> Press 3 Dots on the top right of dial pad >> Choose "Add Call" >> Then Dial " *#*# 4636#*#* " >> Now Disconnect call from another phone >> Then again Dial " *#*# 4636#*#* " >> Choose "Battery Information" >> Press "Back Arrow" top left corner of your screen >> Go to "Wi-Fi" and connect to a working Wi-Fi hotspot >> Now go to "Apps" >> All Apps >> Look for "Chrome" >> Press it and select "Launch" >> Don't Sign-In by selecting "No Thanks" >>


Now search for: from the search bar >> Now look for "Google Account Manager 5" >> Download and Install it immediately after download >> Go back to "Downloads" and look for "FrpBypass apk" >> DownloadInstall and Open it immediately after download >> Don't Sign-in >> Press "3 Dots" top right corner of your screen and select "Browser Sign-In" >> Enter valid "Google Account Details" and Sign-In >> After Sign-In "Restart Phone" >>


Proceed with initial phone setup while connected on Wi-Fi >> It will now say "Account Added" where it required you to Sign In >> Proceed with phone setup >> Your phone will open and go to "Settings" >> About Phone >> press "Built Number5 Times to enable developer settings >> Go back to "Settings" and look for "Development Settings" >> Make sure "EOM" is Activated >> Go back to settings and select "Backup and Reset" >> Factory Data Reset >> Reset Phone >> Reset process will begin >> Complete initial phone setup >> Now it won't require Google account to setup >> Complete phone setup then you are Done.


Method Four >>


Files Required on PC to Phone (Rar apk, Google Account Manager 5,6 or 7 and Frpbypass apk) – Download the apps at: Copy them to “Download Folder” of your phone using PC.


Power “ON” your phone >> Connect phone via “USB” cable to PC >> copy required apks to “Download Folder" of your phone >> connect to your Wi-Fi and proceed >> press the “Email text input field” for the keyboard to pop-up >> now press and hold "@" symbol and choose keyboard settings >> Select "Dictionary" then "Text Correction" >> press add dictionary >> type "Google" in the text input field >> now press and hold to "highlight" the word "Google" >> choose " Share" from the small pop-up window >> press the "Email icon" and proceed to setup your email >> use other email but not a Gmail account! >>


Sign-in with a working email then "Compose" a new email >> enter any “invalid email address” in the recipient field >> add “any subject” >> choose the "Attach" icon >> locate Reset Applications copied to your phone in the "Download folder" >> attach the "Rar apk" and send the email >> the email will be in the "outbox" of your email app >> navigate back to your "outbox" >> locate the email u sent >> open it and press the "Rar apk" attachment >> install the APK >> open it immediately after installation >> use it as "file manager" to access the "download folder" >> Select and install "Google Account Manager 5, 6 or 7" according to your device firmware version >>


Now select and install "FrpBypass apk" and open it immediately after installation >> make sure "Browser Sign-in" option is available “Top right Corner” and press it >> If the "Browser Sign-in" option is not available >> then you need to install the "The Menu Button" located in the same "Reset Apk's Folder" in the download folder of your phone >> NB: You will need to use the procedure used in the "Email app" by pressing the "Rar apk attachment" in the email "outbox" if you left the Rar file manager already >> Install & open "Menu Button" >> Deselect “Home & Back” options >>


Press “Display” to enable Menu button widget on the right screen >> Go back to “Download Folder” >> Press “Google Account Sign-In” >> Don’t Sign-in on the first form >> now press the " Browser Sign-in" located top right corner >> enter valid Gmail account details and Sign-in >> after Sign-in "Restart" your phone >> Begin the initial setup >> now where it required Gmail account will now say "Account Added" >> complete phone setup >> go to "settings" >>


Go to "About Phone" under settings >> press "Built Number" (5 times) to activate "Developer Options" >> press back once and select "Development Options" >> make sure "OEM Unlocking" is checked  >> Go back to settings then choose "Backup & Reset" >> Factory Data Reset >> Reset Phone >> Erase Everything >> completely reset process >> phone will restart >> complete the initial setup >> now the phone will allow you to proceed Setup without requiring Gmail account >> Complete the setup then you are done.


Method Five >>


Power “ON” & connect your Wi-Fi and proceed to the sign-in window >> Press and hold “@” symbol and immediately >> press the “settings gear” to access keyboard settings >> select “Text Correction >> personal dictionary >> press “+” to add dictionary >> type any word in the text field >> press and hold text to “highlight” >> immediately press the “share “option >> press and hold “Gmail” to access the app details >>


Select “notifications” then “App Settings” >> Press “Apps” under settings then scroll down to “Google App” >> Notifications >> select “App Settings” >> Press the smallSwitch” to activatefeed” >> proceed and accept >> in the search field type “Chrome” and setup chrome but “Do not sign-in” >> now use search bar to go to: and download “Menu button” >>Install the menu button >> go back to Download in above link>> Scroll down & download “Google Account Manager 6” >> install it and go back to downloads >> look for “FrpBypas apk” >> Download, Install and open it >> Don’t sign-in>>


Now press “Browser Sign-in” top right of screen >> enter valid Gmail account details >> sign-in & restart your Mobicel Rebel >> now on the google account sign-in screen it will now say “Account Added” >> proceed to complete initial setup >> go to phone settings >> About Phone>> Build Number >> press it (5 times) to activate developer options >> go back to settings and look for developer settings >> activate the small switch next to “OEM Unlocking” >> go to settings >> Backup and reset >> Factory reset >> Reset phone >> Erase everything >> phone will restart automatically >> Now it won’t need any Gmail account >> complete the initial setup the you are done.


Method Six >>


Power "ON" your smartphone >> Connect WI-FI and proceed with setup until Sign-In Screen >> Press and Hold "Centre Button" to open Browser >> Now Type "Chrome" and select it from the "pop-up Menu" >> Chrome will open and "Don't Sign-IN" >> Now type: on the search bar of chrome >> Look for "Google Account Manager 6" >> Download and Install it immediately after download >>  


Go back to "Downloads" again and look for "FrpBypass apk" >> Download, Install and Open it immediately After download >> Press the "3 Dots" top right of your screen and press "Browser Sign-In" >> Now enter "Valid Gmail Account Details" >> Restart your Phone after Sign-In >> Proceed with initial phone setup >> Now you will see "Account Added" when you Proceed >> Complete phone setup and you are done.



I hope one of this methods worked to bypass google verification on your Mobicel Smartphone.



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