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Smartphone Unlocking services

The best Smartphone unlocking and Troubleshooting services in Tzaneen - Unlock your smartphone with affordable rates and save up to 30% OFF on phone unlocking fees.

A lot of Smartphones are kept in our lockers unusable because they are locked due to forgotten password or account. Smartphone unlocking services help users to re-use their locked devices by unlocking them when they forgot access credentials.


It can be a smartphone your aunt gave you which may not work because she forgot email or password for signing in. This problem is a nightmare on phones running android 5.0+ where sign-in credentials are required when you previously hard reset the device. So our services are dedicated for such problems to help users regain access. Onsite Assistance, Pickup & Drop-Off Available in Tzaneen!!


Our Smartphone Unlocking Services ranges from;


Smartphone Services

Android Security & FRP Bypass

Android Flashing

Android Software Repair

Android Update

iPhone Update

Android Rooting

iPhone Password Bypass (Not iCloud)

Android Configuration

iPhone Software Repair

Android Security





Tzaneen-PC-Tech is now collecting and unlocking these android devices so that users can use them again without paying a lot of money. We will be focusing mostly on android and iOS devices only because is our specialty and popular operating systems among users.


When it comes to locked phones, the first thing which comes to your mind is that it might be stolen. But is not all the time where locked android devices are stolen and we do not encourage anyone to steal phones hoping to bring them to us so that we can unlock. Sometimes as users we forget things like passwords or email credentials for signing in our phones. Theft is discouraged at all time and our services are dedicated to those who seek help and can’t afford to buy another phone or pay expensive service fees.


This are the compulsory criteria which smartphones should meet before booking them with us;


* Device must be working

* Must be Android or iOS device only

* Locked (Forgot password, Pattern, Requires Gmail Account or Phone Verification) Only

* Not Locked by service Provider!

* Working USB Port

* Bricked or Not Bricked

* Working Buttons

* Not iCloud Locked


The above criteria should always be met for any android device you bring to us for unlocking. We also looking for referrer’s in locations which fall within Tzaneen area, referrers will receive 30% Commission of service price per device referred upon client payment. See Referral Page for Details.


We hope that our Smartphone Unlocking services will help you remember where you hid your locked smart phone and bring it to us and get working again at affordable rates.


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