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The best PC Repair Services in Tzaneen to keep your computer safe and fast for stable computer performance – Get affordable Computer Software Repair and Troubleshooting services to safeguard your computer from performance and security issues.

PC Repair
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Computer problems arise always whether at work or home and is a reality that some of them are bound to occur whether we like it or not. Most organizations rely on electronic devices to store information but when your PC stops working unexpectedly it becomes a sad day suddenly. With experience working with computers troubleshooting and repairing them, we now able to fix the most troubling computer problems to help small business owners and individuals in our community to keep their systems running with minimum maintenance costs.

Our PC Repair Services range from;

Windows Clean Installation (Windows 7, 8 or 10)
Virus & Malware Removal
Software Installation
PC Performance Boosting
Driver Installation & Repair
Windows Troubleshooting
PC, Printer & Smartphone Pairing
Data Recovery
Data Protection
Disk & Data Wipe – Up to 10 Passes
Data Backup (Offline/Online)
Printer Installation & Pairing
Windows Upgrade
Disk & USB Protection
Recovery Media Creation
Windows Activation
Windows Password Removal
Dual Boot (Windows 8 & 10)
Onsite Assistance, Pickup & Drop-Off Available in Tzaneen
Onsite Assistance, Pickup & Drop-Off Available in Tzaneen

When it comes to computer and any electronic device such as tablet, smartphones or printers you will never be hundred percent sure as it can die at any time for no reason. So I will try to at least show the most common PC problems and their solutions as possible as I can. A PC is like a human being, for example if you are sick you go to hospital to get some pills and injections but if your PC is sick it will need a technician, an antivirus or anti-malware removal tool to fix its illness, so if it does not have one those things it will get sick until it crashes and if is a person in this case you die, right dead to the grave. Most computer users just enjoy using their computers but forget taking care of them, meaning installation of all the necessary software required for it to run smoothly.

The consequences of not taking care of these important factors can be devastating and costly to recover especially if you are a business person dealing with other people's information or any must have data you are working on. We complain how this software are costly to buy but sometimes is better safe than save money because you can save now by not getting the right thing and later pay so much because you chose to save money. Is not every software which is sold because there is a lot of freeware out there and you just need to know where to get them but freeware is not recommended for business purposes as it is limited in terms of protection and features.

So for business purposes i will advise premium software with advanced protection features and configurations. Is sometimes useless to have advanced software but be unable to configure it nicely so that it can work to its full potential. Some software just don't work on their own after installation, you need to configure and fine tune it to give you full protection and is important to know the meaning of every feature you switch on. So know the setting of the anti-virus or malware fighter software you want to use but licensed software will give you the best protection than a free one. Cracked software are also available online but i won't recommend that as it can be very harmful for your PC or even destroy everything you worked hard for on your computer.

I also discourage pirate software because is grand theft to software developers who work hard to develop the software and is also a criminal offence to do so. This software works though but they are not always safe to use as they include many changes on the original software and sometimes include spyware to steal your information after installation. There is few important software everyone need on their computer and if you have them, your PC will run smoothly for a long time.

Feel free to request services using our order form and subscribe to receive computer tips, discounted repair services and updates automatically as they are posted.

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