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Friday, July 29, 2022

7 Latest digital marketing strategies to adopt


7 Latest digital marketing strategies to adopt

The best latest digital marketing strategies to market your services online for free – Ways to market your services with the latest marketing strategies.


Is never too late to take your business online and show prospective clients what your business offers. When it comes to online marketing, you should not limit yourself because opportunities and tools are available. Most businesses rely only on offline marketing and neglect the online marketing part of business which can improve their client base quickly. Successful use of online marketing strategies works well with proper execution of marketing campaigns.


Most entrepreneurs fail not because of lack knowledge but improper execution and timing of their marketing campaigns. When you have the right tools as a business person, execution of plans becomes easier and clear with a plan. Design the right marketing campaign which clearly and briefly demonstrates what you have to offer. Your business will get the attention required because everything is clear to the point. In order to communicate your intended message online, you need certain tools like a website, blog or business page. This is where all basic information about your businesses and services will be located and accessible by anyone seeking such services online.


Having a website which supports content management like WordPress is crucial when it comes to online marketing. This is one of the most important online marketing tool you should adopt if you want engage your clientele successfully. Your website should include detail information and tools which enables all your clients to be in constant contact at all times. A WordPress website give you leverage as an entrepreneur to use more advanced tools to target and optimize content dedicated to your client base.


Even though other platforms like Facebook can enable you set up a page so that you can engage with your clients, WordPress is far the best. It is especially if you post relevant content from time to time with added features using plugins. Here I will give you seven most important marketing strategies which can increase your reach if utilized accordingly; WordPress Website, Facebook Page, Twitter, Tumblr, Keen, Google WebStories and Google MyBusiness.


The mentioned platforms should be linked together and every post or update you make on any of these platforms should be shared to the other platforms. By utilizing the above online platforms accordingly, your business shall acquire new clients online than relying on offline clients only. I hope this guide will get you started to reach more clients online than relying on offline clients.


Adopt the marketing strategies to get started with your online marketing campaigns. Feel free to subscribe to receive updates automatically as they are posted.


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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Keyword research in simple steps


Keyword research in simple steps

Effective ways to find profitable keywords for your website content to rank well on search results – Reliable method to find the best keywords and dominate your niche market online.


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Starting a new website or blog from scratch requires good planning and thorough research to develop a top ranking website. A lot of aspects are considered when planning a new website or blog whether is small or big. Getting the right keywords for your new website can be a big problem at times if you do not know where to start. Whether you get the right keywords or not for your blog, that will determine the success or failure of your blog. But today I will be explaining the best way you can find good keywords free in easy steps for the success of your website.

It becomes difficult to differentiate what is right and what is not when is the first time you get into the website designing project. Everyone has his or her first time doing something in this world, so there no shame in asking advice from someone if you do not know. As a person you can’t know everything of this world but to refer and seek help from others who knows. Any task to be achieved especially when it comes to technology, there is always a tool which help us achieve the objective of the project. So for your website keywords digging requirement, I will be explaining to you how you can easily use Bing Keyword Research or Google Trends at your advantage to get the right keywords for your new blog.


I was like you before without any idea how I was going to get proper keywords for my website when I started it in year 2017. After long hours of research and testing various keyword tools, I finally found Bing and Google Trends tools helpful and never looked back. The important thing about this tools is the ability to show you relevant queries most users are entering in the search bar. The first thing you will need is to access Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Trends online.  You will need a Microsoft Account for Bing and a Google Account to access Google Trends.


Now that you have access to the tools, is time to put that topic you want your website to be about in the query. Starting with the Google Trends tool, after opening the tool then add a “Search Term” and select the type of result (Shopping, Web Search or News Search etc). Now press Enter and see details under the “Search Queries” Tab, you will now see a list of keywords that are used by real users. The list shows the highly used keyword first going down to the less used term. You need to be careful when choosing the right keyword, because a highly used keyword means high competition for that term. You need to scroll down the list to come up with a variation of the most used keyword and the least used. Always make that your keyword doesn’t exceed more than eight words after combining the variations.


Let’s look at Bing Keyword Research, Open the tool and Enter a “Keyword phrase” you want to get possible keywords. Below the Keyword fields you can narrow your search according to country, device or language to get specific and targeted results. Click “Get Details” to see a list of possible Keywords, note that you can also filter how long back you want to see keyword suggestions starting from three months back or more. The option to select that is on the right of the keyword tool dashboard under “Get Details”. The tool will now show you global breakdown of the search trends according to countries on your right. That gives you a clear picture of which country mostly use the keyword you looking for so that you can target it.


Go through the list and check which keywords are doing well for that search query so that you can come up with the right one. In addition to that the tool also shows you at the bottom the top ten websites which ranks for that keyword. So it gives you a clear idea of what your best keyword should look like in order to rank high.


Now that you have your keywords, you can start preparing to build your website. I hope this guide was helpful for you to come up with the best keywords for your website or blog.


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Ways to outrank competition websites on google search


Ways to outrank competition websites on google search

Free ways to rank your website or blog in top 10 on google search results – Tricks to outrank authority websites in your niche market.


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To get your website in front of every website available is not as easy but with the right knowledge of what is needed you can. Is possible to outrank big websites on the internet if you follow the best practices. There are many factors which contribute to the well being of your website or blog so that it can rank well. Your website can also take the take number one spot in top ten. Simple mistakes that you make with website or blog can get your website penalized. As long as whatever you are doing is not according to the rules then you will surely be penalized for it.


So today I want to highlight how you can rank well for free without spending a cent but following recommended practices. I am sure by now that you already have your own website or blog and you are struggling getting enough traffic. You can also be new to the website world but need information before you start. But then if you are new to internet, then first you will need your own domain and web hosting for you to apply the techniques I am about to reveal here.


The most important thing is to use trusted web hosting providers or domain registrars. This guarantee that your website becomes trusted without being associated with the bad guys because search engines does not tolerate bad guys. If your website is associated with bad hosting providers, then your website is doomed from start. Now I will focus on the main topic of today and without wasting any time go straight into it. Example you want to rank for a certain keyword whether you are using WordPress, blogger or any other platform then you need pages and posts.


Today I will be more focused on ranking well with blogger or WordPress powered websites or blogs using posts and pages. Note that this is a well and tested tactic which works well with blogger and can be applied to WordPress too. This tactic works only if you do not copy and paste other websites content word for word. The fun about this is everything is free even if you are using a subdomain you can also get number two spot on the organic search results of Google or Bing. Remember this works in favor with blogger because is google platform then it gets high consideration without doubts.


The key is “Rich quality informative Content” and will work well for you and your website to outrank authority websites. First thing you must do with your blog website make sure you share your posts to various social platforms after publishing them. Also make sure you write SEO friendly content at all times to allow search engine crawlers to fetch your content easily. Then for WordPress you can integrate Sumome or Add2Any plugin to share content to various social networks. Most bloggers and marketers overlook social networks and its power to put your blog content exactly where you want it. I will be the biggest mistake for a blogger to overlook the power of social networks.


You do not need to be an expert rank well with google, all you need is an idea of what search engines want and what is not wanted and then you are on the right track. The next step you will need is rich content with proper titles, Subheadings and rich body content which is informative and helps the readers solve their problems. There is no point in writing meaningless content. This is true because immediately when reader opens your post and find that is not exactly what the title says, they will bounce back immediately. That will not reflect well for your website and search engines won’t be happy about misleading them too.


So now you are aware of what is good and what is not good. You can go ahead and create your first page for your website or blog. Make sure that it has a keyword focused tile and keyword rich body text approximately 300+ words. Also include a keyword focused full description of your page. Note that pages won’t be shared automatically, you can configure social share buttons to manually share any page or post automatically on WordPress.


I hope you are busy taking notes of important points while reading this because you do not want to miss a thing on the topics. Now you should focus more on posting quality content as this is the pillar for your content to rank high on search results and possibly outrank authority websites. Create a planned keyword focused killer post which brings traffic to your website or blog. Include proper tags, keyword focused subheading, SEO friendly keyword focused title for your post. As the body text, include informative keyword rich body text of at least 300+ words will do. Ensure keyword density within your post because you do not want to overdo it, make your description sweet and related to the title. Now publish your post and wait for google to crawl your post or page.


Your pillars to outrank authority websites are; Quality content, linking to the right websites which serves your interest, creating keyword focused posts titles, correct use of h1, h2 tags, keyword focused full description, include SEO optimized images with proper titles and alt tags.


Don’t do the following if you want to rank well!!


Do not stuff keywords in content, do not copy and paste other websites content, do not post meaningless content, do not use none SEO optimized images without proper titles and alt tags. If you follow all this guidelines, you will as well rank in front of web giants. I hope you enjoyed reading the guide and that it will help you outrank many top sites easily without costs.


Feel free to ask anything relating to the topics covered in this guide. Also feel free to Subscribe and receive updates automatically as they are posted. Note that the guidelines covered in this article also apply to WordPress and other content platforms.


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Monday, June 27, 2022

Best SEO Tips for Bloggers simplified

Best SEO Tips for Bloggers simplified

Simple SEO tips to help your website or blog get organic traffic for free on most search engines – Best SEO tricks to optimize your website to rank well on search engine results.


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Today I will be getting more in depth with search engine optimization (SEO) and how it affects your website rankings. All search engines like google, Bing and others use their techniques and algorithms to make it difficult for your website to appear first page of search results. By looking at it you can say is bad practice by the search engine but is not. Just imagine if every website on earth were to appear on page one of search results, it was going to be a nightmare. There is a need to filter irrelevant information which doesn’t meet the search query.


So their algorithms ensure that only relevant web pages which matches a certain query appears first page of the search results. That ensure exact information is displayed for query a user have entered in the search box. To overcome this conundrum requires dedication and the ability to follow certain rules at some point. Those who run more advanced websites with special skills seem to be successful on appearing top ten of search results.


It does not mean you need to be a web guru to achieve this, but practice and the ability to refer to the best practices of SEO. Every individual has their own skills which they do well which different to the next person who have a different skill. What I'm trying to say is that everyone relies on someone's expertise, because no one has all the skills. Optimising your business website or blog is like when you boost your car so that it can be faster and stronger. Then you will know the type of components you need to achieve the top speed and power. So a website is just like that and if you want it to be found with every search query then it must be optimized and comply with all SEO aspects.


The first thing you will need is a good SEO friendly domain name which reflects your business. A reputable web hosting provider which will host your website. Most web hosting providers will provide both web hosting and web design at the same time but I recommend that you separate your hosting from your domain registrar. This will ensure that you don't get stuck with the same hosting provider when things go wrong. You need the flexibility to move to a different hosting than putting everything in one basket.


After your website is online, then you can get a SEO expert or join one our free SEO group to fine tune your website or blog. Doing this will your blog or website to be optimized and get more traffic and reach your target market. Some of the hosting providers also provide SEO services so that you may not need to go different places for such services but sometime expensive. Also take advantage of social media platforms to reach more users globally.


I hope this article was informative to you and soon I will be writing more about how you can optimize on your own for free.


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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Hosting WordPress easy way


Hosting WordPress the easy way
Web Hosting

Best way to host your WordPress website easily with a friendly advanced control panel – Learn how to host WordPress website with the best premium WordPress hosting services.


Is tricky to choose the best webhosting services especially if you are a newbie trying to establish your online presence. So today I'll be sharing with you the best way to choose a better hosting company which will meet your website needs. The real point with web hosting is to be able to control most of the configurations and troubleshooting aspects of your website or get stuck with a persistent simple error which you can't fix yourself. Having control of most crucial features of your website gives you control to take action on time. You will be able to do some troubleshooting yourself other than waiting for your hosting provider for support rectifying simple errors.


WordPress hosting is popular nowadays and if is the first time you do it is a bit tricky to complete the whole setup. The most important things to consider for web hosting will be; support response time, storage space per month, traffic per month, must have Control Panel and be able to give you the most configuration power in your Control Panel. Those are the most you can look for but I'll always recommend a web hosting with unlimited storage, traffic, databases and auto script installer with Control Panel. Also look for hosting companies with good reputation or you will be left hanging with a big problem if you choose the bad guys.


It also depends on what kind of hosting you are looking for, free or premium even though premium hosting is recommended. There are some free hosting companies which provide reasonable features but with limitations on the hosting accounts, so choose carefully.


I hope this information will come handy and help you choose the right web hosting companies to host your WordPress website.


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