Terms Of Service

Tzaneen-PC-Tech terms of service for users to understand how we work and provide service to clients effectively – Understand our terms of service and take advantage of our services following proper guidelines.


Tzaneen-PC-Tech offers IT Support and Digital Marketing services which are affordable. Our terms of service are easy to follow to make it easier for you to get proper service. Every business has its own way of conducting business and terms and conditions are part of it.


Usually a client will visit our website, Facebook page or any other web platform and find the service they need. Client will request service using a prescribed service form available on our website and fill the required information and submit the request. The request will be analysed for availability of service requested then Tzaneen-PC-Tech will contact client via WhatsApp, Messenger or Call for further information about the requested service. After everything have been finalized including pricing, location and any discount allowed then a technician will make an appointment on an agreed date.


The client will receive invoice and pay after service is rendered, e.g PC Troubleshooting or Software Installation. See Gadget Repair Terms >>

But for added services clients will use a separate service request form and 40% deposit for added services is required in advance. Then a client will pay the rest after service rendered or pay monthly as agreed.


According to our terms of service, all gadgets have a seven days warranty after troubleshooting, fixed or unlocked. Other software services purchased can be reinstalled for free within one year of purchase. Software reinstallation after one year for purchased software will require 30% reinstallation fee.


Tzaneen-PC-Tech does not repair dead devices which requires new motherboards or parts replacement on the motherboard except Storage, Memory, CD Rom and Laptop Hinge. We mostly fix software or Unlocking related problems on PC and Smartphones. Added services like Digital Marketing are subjected to different terms as they differ to normal services Tzaneen-PC-Tech offers.


We abide to our terms of service at all times to give our clients satisfactory IT Support services.


Also read Privacy Policy

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