How To Extend Hp Laptop Battery Life

The best effective way to extend Hp laptop battery life but still get the maximum performance – Best tips to fix and avoid Hp battery not charging issues.

How to extend Hp laptop Battery Lifespan
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Advance computer users usually requires fast processing laptops as they need fast results and nothing should delay their work process. A Laptop battery has a lifespan and excessive utilization and frequent recharge of the battery quickly shorten its lifespan.

When you have no electricity at some point then you will need to use battery power instead of your electricity and a stronger battery is required to deliver the same performance it should running on electric power. Selective power modes are available on windows ranging from low, balanced to high performance. To achieve the maximum performance, obviously high performance can be selected to get top performance of your laptop.

Today I would like to focus on how an optimizer software can reduce your laptop battery lifespan if not configured nicely. There are several optimizer software you can use to achieve maximum performance instead of default windows power modes. Let focus on iobit advanced system care as one of the best performance improvement software. On this piece of Software we are going to specifically focus on the Game Mode available in the software and demonstrate the impact of using this mode while operating on battery.

This is a real tested method which indicates rapid battery drain when activated. This mode can give the best speed on your laptop especially when using low ram PC’s of Celeron based processors or any equal to less processor.

For an optimizing software to boost your laptop performance, certain processes need to be stopped to free system resources. Any attempt to increase performance on a laptop will result in high battery usage no matter which software or configuration you use. In this case I am talking about a laptop which was bought in 2015 around may then the battery died April 2018, is almost two years.

Let see how frequent the laptop operated on battery;

The laptop operates on battery less than three (3) times in any week and not more than five (5) hours per use. One other thing an optimization software was used from 2017 always in game “mode”. I am providing this information to show you exactly how the power mode you choose can affect your laptop battery negatively. In my view, I was expecting my battery to last for at least the next three years but it did not even though I do not use my PC on battery most of the times.

But one thing which troubles me is that in my laptop power options, it was set to go to power saver automatically at 95% of battery power and still my battery did not last. So now I wonder if is a factory problem on the battery or is the software I used to optimize my laptop because everything was running smoothly until the next morning the battery does not charge and stays at 70% only. Suddenly after some few reboots, system say battery is empty and need to be replaced.

So it may be confusing sometimes to diagnose the real cause of HP battery short lifespan. If is not a factory problem, then changing how we use our laptops with battery should change.

Three things you should not do with your laptop battery;

Ø Removing the battery frequently
Ø Always plugged in with electric power 
Ø Using your laptop with electric power 90% of the time while battery is healthy & working

Tips to extend your laptop battery lifespan

Ø Operate your laptop on battery 90% of the time and recharge it normally the way you do with cellphones.
Ø Is better to use system built power modes specifically “Balanced”

I hope the article will help you extend the lifespan of your HP laptop batteries.


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