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The best parental control guide to protect teenagers from accessing mature digital media content from android smartphones, TV, Social media and Online – Parental Control on Android phones to restrict teenagers from viewing explicit mature content through multimedia devices.

Parental Control on android, TV and Internet
Protect Your Kids From Harmful Media Content!
 Is a good thing that we have all the technology money can buy nowadays but the way in which this technology is used is sometimes is inappropriate with negative effects to the future of our children's. Every parent wish to raise a well mannered child with good morals so that one day he or she can become a good parent too. But how do you raise a good child in this current environment where our kids are exposed from various risks and explicit media content distributed through smart phones TV, Online and public places.

In the past weeks, I have been watching a long series which is reputable and very popular on TV across south Africa. Everyone loves this series and even kids and teenagers loves it very much so that you can't stop them when is time to watch it. The concern now is that it becomes too explicit like an adult TV series and children are watching this. The problem is how this affect our children in their minds and how they will conduct themselves after watching this type of TV media. Is not only on TV but online and on mobile devices exchanging sexual or explicit media of adult nature. When it comes to technology, trying to control this kind of issues sometimes needs extra expertise to fine tune and take corrective measures to keep your children safe at all times.

Is too close to impossible to control access to explicit content by our kids but we can at least try to reduce the outbreak with all available tools we can use. Is a sophisticated task though but as much as it burns me inside it should burn you too if you are good parent who want to raise all your kids in a humble way. You don't want to see your kid pregnant at 10 years right? and sure don't want to hear that your 12 year old son impregnated a ten years teenager. Is a reality and if we don't take a stand now our children's have no future, but is this the future that you would want for your children's? the answer would be an absolute "NO". Today I put a thought with all that I know in terms of technology to identify tools, mechanisms and tricks which parents can use and adopt to safeguard their children so that they can grow in suitable environment without inappropriate media content brought by technology in our homes. 

Below I'm going to list of the most crucial items or topics we should highly focus on;

 1. Smartphone (Looking at Internet, Bluetooth, Camera, SD card and Settings)
 2. TV and Parental Control settings
 3. Immoral Teenage Friends

 So now we have a clear picture of what our obstacles look like then I'll start picking one by one and explaining then negative influence and solutions to each of them. Even though not all the problems you will be facing as a parent won't be solved at once, this is a collective community work as single parent can't achieve this doing it alone but can only make it better on his or her children's. Remember that the time you start implementing these restrictions you will be your children's worse enemy because what you don't want your kids to watch is exactly what they want see. This is one the most fascinating and challenging thing about raising children and teenagers, so is whether you put their safety first or their interests first but is choice and a life changing one. Is a difficult choice indeed but it has to made to safeguard your own kids from harmful media content.

1.     Smartphone Access Restriction and Wireless Sharing

This is the most difficult device to control as it is more sophisticated and capable accessing anything worldwide. Giving a teenager this kind of device is like giving away access keys to your safe because as long as you have the key to the safe you can take whatever inside it. Is why they call it a smartphone popular and operating on android platform, easy to download thousands of media with fast speeds, with removable storage devices, easy sharing with Bluetooth and WiFi.

Let see your options when it come to this;

1. For teenagers make sure you buy them kids android smartphones typically a Nintendo Smart device (Usually without Bluetooth or SD card)
2. Register a sim card with the exact I'd of teenagers
3. Download and install an Anti-theft software like AVG, AVAST - This software will enable you as a parent to have more control of your teenager's device.
4. Download, install lockdown and configure it yourself with own password. This app restrict teenager from installing any app or changing administrative settings without supervision.
5. Activate Parental control on the sim card and set it to "Child " so that whenever your children go to the internet no adult or harmful content will be shown or downloaded in the web browser.
6. Make sure you have administrator access control of your teenager's device "Meaning" he or she can't change anything like password or settings without your lockdown password" However " Internet accessed via a public wife can't be monitored and teenagers can download anything they want", is a pity but you can conduct frequent scrutiny of your children's devices to diagnose any unwanted and harmful content.

Also share-it files can't be blocked without special software but you can set a password which will required every time another device try to share something with the phone and as a parent be the administrator of that password so that you can authenticate every file shared with your child, or remove share it on device and turn "ON" your lockdown software to restrict software installation without authorization. So if you need something which can help you regarding WiFi restriction contact me through the contact form.
NB: Is advisable to purchase Android devices dedicated for kid's, highly "without Bluetooth or SD card storage" if possible.

2. TV and Parental Controls

Is a funny thing how we choose not to use appropriate settings provided on our TV’s. Most TV's have these settings to restrict access to certain channels which are not suitable children's, so as a parent you can do so and secure these settings with a password so that no teenager can change the settings. Even though some channels don't entirety show adult content all the time, you can supervise your kids when watching because some channels are favorites to these kids. So you rather let them watch in your presence and switch channels as appropriate and fit.

So your options will be;

1. Restrict Certain channels and assign a password to the channels
2. Supervise Teenagers when watching favorite channels which sometimes play explicit media.
3. Work hand in hand with your neighbors or close relatives to enforce the same rules. Remember this is a joined struggle to safeguard our kids, don't play hero and try to do it alone because you won't win)
4.Take advantage of DSTV control settings to personalize suitable channels only for kids and teenagers so that they can watch in your absence.

3. Immoral Teenage Friends of Your Kids

Is considered ignorant if you don't care what kind of kids are your children's friends because if they befriend misbehaving teenagers with immoral values then soon you have problems with your kids. Is not a bad thing to scrutinize your children's friends and their background so that you can know if whether they are from well parented family or not. Keeping away your teenagers from rogue teenagers will the greatest thing you have done for your kids. Is a difficult choice but you and your kids have to live with it for a greater good. I hope all the information I provided will help you groom your children's to the right direction and protect them against technological consequences which may later impact negatively on their future.
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