How To Bypass Google verification On Premio P400

How To Bypass Google Verification On Premio P400

The best effective proven method to bypass google verification on Premio P400 after you hard reset -  Premio P400 google verification bypass in easy step by step.


Premio P400 unlocking in simple step by step after hard reset, Interesting things about smartphones nowadays is that their security improves every day. Today I will be giving you steps by step instructions to bypass Google verification on Premio P400 smart phone. Security for smartphones is concerning where Android devices are easy targets for thieves, personal data falling in the wrong hands becomes a major concern if you lose your smart phone in any case. Frp lock on Android devices running from 5.0+ has this protection feature to make your phone totally unusable if you can't verify the original email account used on the device.


So today I will be focusing on how to bypass this security feature in case you forgot your email details to verify or maybe your uncle just gave you his smart phone and you can't use it because you don't know his email details and he forgot them too. Note that stealing other people's smart phones in the hope of using my bypass methods is illegal and is a criminal offence in terms of the law.


First we assume that your Premio P400 is locked and require you to verify Gmail account. Make sure your phone is fully charged before u start the process because you don't want your phone to die in the middle of the process.




Now you will need a good WI-FI hotspot to connect to the internet through it, you can remove sim card if you like but won't make much difference. Switch "On" your smart phone > Connect to your "WI-FI" and proceed until you reach the Gmail verification windows > Now press text fields for the keyboard to pop-up > press and hold "@" until the "Setting" icon appears > Press it immediately > select "Text correction" in the options > Select "personal dictionary" > press the " +" sign to add dictionary > Then "type" any word in the text field > press and hold the text to "highlight" it > then choose  "Share" on the pop-up menu > Now on the share options choose "Email" > Setup your email but "Not Gmail account", u can use other email accounts such as Outlook etc > Now leave the phone open in the "Email App" > 


Then open your computer and connect your Premio P400 phone via "USB" cable, you will need two important apk files namely (Chrome browserFile manager-(Less than 5mb in size)....I used "Rar or Zip Extractor less than 5mb in size" > Now copy the two apk files in to your phone "Download folder" through your PC > Now from your phone, in the email app start creating a new email....enter any invalid "Email address" > Leave subject empty if possible then select the "Attach" option > Locate the "file manager apk" app you copied from your PC > Note that it must be less than "5mb in size" or it won't be attached > Now send the email > you will find the email in the "outbox" of your email account > Then open it and run the " file manager APK" to install it and choose "Open" after installation > Then browser files and find "Chrome browser apk" copied from your PC > Press the "Chrome apk" to install it > After installation select open to “Open” the "Web browser" > Now in the search bar enter: >> 


Now download "Google Account Manager 6" since your Premio P400 use Android 6.0 > Click the "download" option shown on the image > A pop-up will show after it complete downloading then "run" to install it > NB: Enable installation of Unknown Sources under settings of your phone > your phone will automatically take you to "Unknown Sources settings" when it blocks an app installation > When finished go back to the downloads and select "Google account sign-in" > Download and install it then "Open It" > then you will arrive to a "Sign-in form" > From the top right of that window > Press “3 Dots” & select "Browser sign-in" > Enter your Gmail account details and Sign-in > after sign-in then restart your phone >


Start the setup process again while connected to the WI-FI and proceed > you will see now on the email verification window > it will now say "Account Added" > now you can proceed and setup your phone > When completed with setup, go to settings > press "About Phone" then look for "built number" > Press it "5 times" to enable Development Settings > then go to the "Developer options" and ensure that "OEM UNLOCKING" is selected or "" > Now go to "Backup & Reset" and reset your smart phone to delete everything including the original email used on the device > After reset, your phone will restart and you can start the setup again > So now your phone will not ask for any email but you will just set it up the same way you do with a new device.


Congratulations, your Premio P400 is now unlocked.


I hope this article will help you bypass Google verification on your Premio p400 smart phone.



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