How To Bypass Google Verification On Samsung J700H

How to bypass samsung j700h goole verification

The best new method to bypass google verification on Samsung j700h after hard reset – Fast and unique method to bypass frp lock on Samsung j700h.


When you are locked out of your Samsung smart phone, the first thing you worry about is you are going to regain access to your information stored on it because of its high security measures. Android smart phones running android 5.0+ use frp (Factory restore protection) to prevent anyone who might have got your phone the wrong way to be denied access to your personal data after hard reset.


This security measures intensifies when it comes to android smart phones running 6.0 (Android Marshmallow) like on the Samsung j700h we focused on now. When you forgot your password and entered the wrong one several times, then you will face this problem as you will need to verify google account which was initially set the first time you used your phone.


It can be a smart phone your aunt or sister gave you where you don’t know the original email details which was set, then you have to face the verification process and without the details your phone will be useless. So today I will be showing you how to bypass Samsung j700h google verification when locked out of your android 6.0+ devices.


First thing you will need a working computer with the necessary drivers for that Samsung j700h so that your PC can pick it up when connected. Next you will need Samsung frp tool which can initiate a call via USB connection and sim card. Now that all the resources are in place, install your Samsung frp tool and Samsung vcom drivers on your PC. Switch on your phone and connect it to your PC via USB cable, Go to “Device manager” on your PC and see if your Samsung j700h appears under modems or portable devices, if it appears you are good to proceed. Now from your phone “Proceed” with the setup and configure the Wi-Fi, make sure is connected and stop there (NB: You will need a working Wi-Fi hotspot before starting this process). Important, make sure you inserted a working sim card before switching  “ON “ your phone.

Now open the Samsung frp tool……..”Press” the scan button to find the PC port your phone is connected to, then select the port (NB: There might be two ports) listed so if the other port doesn’t work then the right one is the other one. Now reduce “Connection speed” to the lowest on the frp tool….. Press “Open port” enter any “emergency number” in the number field, by default “900” will be set as the number……… so you can leave it that way.


Now you can press “Dial” then watch your phone when it attempts to make a call to “900”, wait until the call drops and immediately press “Message” icon……NB: (Normally on some Samsung devices the call should connect), but with this Samsung j700h it sometimes doesn’t go through due to high security patches and is why we choose “message” instead of exploring the menu further to the browser. So if you are lucky and it connects you can choose “internet” on the menu which display immediately when the call “connect”.


So in our case the call “doesn’t connect” and is why we choose “Message” from the menu. Now the messaging will open then in the body field type and send……..the message will not go through since the recipient is “900”…….the will become a link in that unsent message. Now “press” that link to open the internet, then in the search field... Proceed to “” just scroll around that web page until a “prompt” to setup chrome appears…..setup and open chrome >> 


Then again type “" website as above”, then choose downloads from the menu. Now “Download google account manager 6” from the list, open and install it… then go back to the list and download “FrpBypass apk” when pop-up appears open to “install” it>> then when it complete it will show “Open” pop-up then press to proceed to the sign-in page>> Don’t Sign-In >> Now on the top right corner of that page Press “Browser sign-in” then enter your Gmail account details to proceed. After successful sign-in, Press the “Power button” and chose “Restart” on your Phone.


Now the setup process will start, then proceed until the sign-in window appears……Now you will see “Account Added” then you can proceed setting up your phone and you are done with Samsung j700h google verification bypass.

Congratulations, your Samsung J700H is now ready. I hope this tutorial helps you unlock your smart phone. 


Thabo Moremi

IT Support Specialist, Web Developer and SEO Specialist

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