How To Hard Reset Prestigio Multipad Ultra Plus

Hard reset prestigio multipad ultra plus

The best way to hard reset Prestigio Multipad 7.0 Ultra Plus PMP3670B – How to hard reset Prestigio Multipad Ultra Plus when you forgot password.

Smart tablets play an important roles in our lives nowadays but when you forgot your password you can no longer have access to your Prestigio Multipad Ultra plus. One hard thing with Prestigio tablets without sim cards is that when locked you can’t connect to wifi or to your PC.

I tried hard to get a solution for this as many Prestigio users may be experiencing this kind of problem when locked out of their Prestigio Multipad tablet. Even though prestigio tablets which take sim cards are not that much difficult to hard reset, but wifi only tablet makes it nearly impossible to hard reset.
So today I will be explaining how you can hard reset your Prestigio multipad ultra plus tablet when you forgot password or pattern to unlock.

Any smartphone has its own recovery options where on some devices a combination of buttons can take you to the recovery menu but is not the case with Prestigio ultra plus or if there is, then is nearly impossible to arrive at such menu. Fortunately there is an alternative which we can use to regain access and reset Prestigio multipad ultra plus tablet.


First we need four(4) important tools which will make the job easier, namely – 1. Original firmware for Prestigio multipad ultra plus white, 2. A tool called Phoenix card tool, 3. Empty SD card approximately 2gigs plus will do fine and your PC. Note if you get the wrong original firmware, the hard reset procedure will not work. So is important to get the right firmware for that specific model you want to flush. If you don’t, things like touch screen may not work even if you managed to flush the tablet.

So now that you downloaded all the required tools, now insert your “sd card” into your PC, then open “Phoenix card tool” software….then select your sd card and “click browse image” to locate the original firmware you downloaded……then click “Burn” from within the phoenix card tool to start the burning process. Wait until the process complete and remove your micro sd card from your computer.

Then now switch OFF your tablet and “insert sd card”…..the power the tablet back “ON” then the loading “Bar” should appear and wait until it says “SD card OK” then the tablet will beep during the process….then immediately remove the SD card and try to power “ON” the tablet.
Now you are done resetting your Prestigio Multipad Ultra plus tablet…wait for the initial setup and configure everything then your tablet is working again.

Congratulations, your Prestigio Multipad Ultra Plus White is now ready.....Enjoy!!!

I hope this article will help you hard reset your Prestigio tablet fast. Feel free to subscribe and receive updates automatically when they are posted.


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