Hisense U60 Hard Reset and Fastboot Mode procedure in easy steps


How to hard reset Hisense U60

Simple and reliable method to enter Fastboot mode, Hard Reset and Recovery mode on Hisense U60 smartphone.


HISENSE is one of the most affordable smartphone brand which is also capable of delivering the best phone experience. Sometimes things happen on the smartphone and the need to solve the problem arise especially forgetting of passwords. There is no easy way to recover a lost or forgotten password especially if you have no backup. The only option left will be to use hard reset procedures to remove the lock password.


So today I am showing you simple steps to remove lock screen password when you forgot it. Note that this method is only effective if you didn’t set a Google Account. If google account was set, then you will also need another way to bypass the account if you forgot its credentials. First make sure that your Hisense U60 have at least 50% of battery before you start the procedure to avoid interrupting the process with low battery.


Below are the step by step instructions to enter the Recovery mode to Fastboot, Hard Reset or Update Hisense U60.


First press Volume Down + Power Button for about 15 seconds without releasing the buttons. Wait for the device to enter the recovery mode and release the buttons. Now scroll to your desired option “Wipe Data/Factory Reset, Fastboot or Apply Update” and press Power Button to Select. Then Select Data Factory Reset using Power Button to take action. Wait for wipe process to complete and select Reboot System Now

I hope this tutorial will help you Hard Reset, enter Fastboot Mode and Apply Updates on Hisense U60 smartphone. Note that other actions like Fastboot or Update requires some sort of knowledge and the right update files to avoid bricking your smartphone.


Congratulations, you now know how to easily enter the Recovery mode on Hisense U60 smartphone



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