How to fix page with redirect error in simple steps

How to fix website redirection error after turning off permanent redirect in hosting.

How to fix website redirection error

Hosting a website can sometimes be big pain to deal with especial when you don't know important configurations. A redirect error can cause a website to be inaccessible even if you turned off redirection. The best way to get the issue solved is usually done by contacting your hosting provider but things get delayed in the process. Is possible to solve the problem yourself especial if appropriate configurations are still in place. Most websites has a domain which redirect to to the subdomain etc. This is important to separate websites especial if you have several subdomains under a domain.

It happens that you no longer need the permanent redirection and want top use the top level domain instead of After turning off the redirection from your hosting, you still see the redirection happening when you try accessing the website on your browser. This happens and things won't work the way you expect, is a small problem to fix but with severe consequences if not fixed fast. When this happens is because of Cache on your web browser and it will keep returning the same web page until it is cleared.

The solution:

On Chrome, go top right and click the three vertical dots then select Clear Browsing Data on the list. Now select Cached Images and Files then uncheck the rest of the options. You do this to clear cached information about website accessed because the browser will keep returning the cached information as opposed to fetching new updated page. The select the Clear Data option and try accessing the required website page again. The browser will now be forced to fetch new information and location of the website without returning the permanent redirect again. Eventually the browser was going to to fetch the new information on its own but very late that you need. 

This kind of problem is bad especially if you running an e-commerce site which needs to be accessible at all times. Customers won't see products or place any order if the website display a wrong page. Note that is important not to play around redirection configurations in your hosting to avoid interrupting service offered by your website unless is necessary.

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