How to clear BIOS with valid password on HP notebooks


How to clear BIOS password on HP Laptops

Simple method to clear the BIOS password when you have a valid password required on Power ON or Adjusting settings.


Working with computer BIOS is not that easy for everyone to navigate. Securing a computer with BIOS is important in case the device get lost or when you don’t want everyone to easily access it. The BIOS password can be set so that is required every time when powering ON the Notebook. Today we focus on the BIOS password for HP notebooks or laptops. Even though the functions of BIOS are similar on most laptops, today we dedicated this topic to HP notebooks BIOS.


You may want to do this because some HP laptops experience a boot problem with the Power-On password. The boot screen can hang or make an endless beep which is not controllable. Sometimes removing the battery fix the issue just once but is not a permanent solution and clearing it is the only fix. So this is the reason you will need to clear the BIOS password. There are some things in the PC world that looks simple but difficult to implement while the solution is in plain sight but not visible.


 On HP laptops, after setting the something like the BIOS Power ON password then there is no visible option to disable or remove it. Is funny because how to clear it is simple than you can think and as easy as the way you set it.

Is interesting but the simplest way to remove it is to follow the following steps…


First enter your BIOS on your notebook and go to the security tab, then look for Power-ON or Administrator Password. The only option visible will be ‘’set’’ and nothing else, click ‘’set’’ and Enter your Password. Then on the ‘’Enter New Password’’ field, enter ‘’0’’ and repeat it in the confirmation, save changes. Now it will show ‘’Clear’’ on the Power-On or Administrator Password depending on what you selected. So you can see that it wasn’t that difficult to clear the BIOS password.

Note that you can experience more challenges in case you don’t have or forgotten the BIOS password. But there are also ways to clear BIOS password without when you don’t have password. That method will be discussed in another guide on how to clear the BIOS password when you forgot the password.


I hope the guide will help clear the BIOS password of HP notebook….



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