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Threads by Meta Android App graphic issue

Competition has never been this tough as giant tech companies work against each other. The latest Threads by Meta is a direct threat to Twitter platform and promises unrestricted chats as opposed to what Twitter implemented recently. It is no secret that the two tech owners are sawn enemies and the downfall of the other makes the other one stronger. The Meta Threads has launched and everyone jumped to download the apps in the hope of experiencing stable performance and interesting features.


Some had good experience when it comes to the Android App but as for me the experience was terrible on my smartphone. The App is fairly a large file of about 70MB to download. After installing the App and Signing in with my Instagram account I was happy that I’ll see something interesting. The reality is that I was disappointed with the graphics, I am not sure if is the smartphone I’m using or what but there are other bigger apps on the phone which runs smoothly. Opening the App at first the pictures looks good but immediately as you scroll you see blurred images as you scroll down.


As shown on the picture on this article you can see that is a terrible picture. Uninstalling and re-installing the App again didn’t help and had to completely remove the App. Maybe is one the biggest bugs in the App but doesn’t look good. The App looks rushed maybe just to spite Twitter but they need to work on this graphic issue asap or we might as well go back to twitter. But all in all the App looks good but I also didn’t find a way to post with Threads via internet browser. Even though you can switch to threads on the browser, you won’t be able to post anything online.


We hope Meta will fix that graphic issue soon because I was high looking forward to use the App and now reluctant to waste another 70MB to install it.


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