How to bypass Unexpected setup error on Mobicel phones


How to bypass Unexpected setup error on Mobicel phones
Mobicel Unexpected Error Fix

Simple method to bypass Mobicel setup error which pop-up during initial phone setup after hard reset.


Mobicel smartphones are popular and widely used throughout the world because they are cheaper than other brands. Problems arise after hard resetting a Mobicel device where the setup screen pops-up with error. The error makes it impossible to go to the next setup screen or you have to reboot the device. The same error will come back exactly before you finish setup even after phone reboot.


This problem is unique to Mobicel smartphones and most users are struggling to overcome it by all means. So today I will be showing you how you can easily bypass the setup error without trouble. First make sure that your Mobicel phone is charged and that you have a good personal Wi-Fi Connection but not Public Wi-Fi (Your own Hotspot is required so that you can Disable & Enable it in this process). Save one contact number in a SIM Card and insert in the Mobicel phone.


NOTE: Your Phone is FRP Locked after hard reset & will require Google Account Verification if account was set on device. You may not see the setup error on phones without FRP Lock “ON”.


<<Follow below Step-by-Step instructions to solve the problem>>


Now Power “ON” your device >> Continue by pressing Next >> Connect to Wi-Fi >> After successful Connection then Turn-OFF Hotspot on the other device >> Now go back to the “Start Screen” >> Press “Emergency option3 times until it changes to Red >> Press the “Pencil” top right of screen >> Press “Add Contact” to add Emergency Contact >> Select Contact Number you Saved on SIM >> Press it under “Emergency Contacts” >> Press 3 Dots to the right of that contact >>Press Share >> Now select “Messages” >> Select the Contact saved as “Recipient” >> Scroll down & press the + Sign next to “Text message Body field” bottom left >> Now Press Location Icon >> Select any Location on the Map >> Now “Send Location“ by pressing “Arrow” on the right next to the coordinates >> Now “Switch ONHotspot & wait for your device to connect >> After Connecting then Click the “Link” in the Message >> It will now open “Maps” & the Setup Window will attempt to open too >> Wait a bit & allow Maps to open when a pop-up appear >> This process will bypass the Setup Error screen so that you can proceed with your bypass. If you want to Complete google account bypass, then follow the SIX Methods to bypass google account on Mobicel Series>>


I hope this will help you bypass the setup error on Mobicel series smartphones during frp unlocking process.



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