How to bypass google account on Mobicel Berry 2

How to bypass google account on Mobicel Berry 2
Mobicel Berry 2

 Best reliable method to bypass google account on Mobicel Berry 2 when you forgot account details after hard resetting the phone.


All android smartphones come with frp capabilities built-in the phone and as soon as you sign-in with google account it is enabled. The Mobicel Berry 2 is also one of the phone with such feature. So it happens when you hard reset your phone and realize after that you forgot the account details used to sign-in the device. So today I will show you how you can easily regain access to your smartphone after hard reset.


Follow Step by step below >>


First make sure that your phone is fully charged and that you have a working Wi-Fi connection. Insert a SIM card in the phone and have a second phone to make a call.


Now switch “ON” your Mobicel Berry 2 and press Start to connect to your Wi-Fi. After connecting to Wi-Fi, go back to start page. Take another phone and Call your Mobicel Berry 2 and wait for the phone to ring. Now while it is ringing….Press the “Message Icon” >> When it opens Select “Write my own” located bottom of list >> Now Message App will open >> Next to “Message Body Field” on the left then press the Plus Sign (+) >> Now Press the “Location Icon” until it opens Map >> Now Press anywhere on the Map to get location Coordinates >> Wait for few moment until “Coordinates” pops up next to “Send SMS” button on the right >> Now press the “Send SMS” button >> Now the Coordinates will become a link in the SMS body >> Press the Link to Open My Maps>>


Now press 3 Horizontal Lines top left of screen >> Scroll down >> Press “My Maps” >> Then press 3 Dots top right of screen >> Press “Open in Chrome” option >> Chrome will Open & don’t Sign-in >> Now type “” in the search bar >> Then Download “Remote1 apk” by scrolling down the list >> Install it after download & don’t open >> Again within that page then download “Anddoes Launcher” >> Install & open immediately >>


Go to settings >> Security >> Device Admin Apps >> Deactivate “Find My Device” >> Now go to “Apps & Notifications” >> Press “See All Apps” >> Now Press 3 Dots top right of screen >> Then press “System Apps” >> Now Disable “Google Play Services & Google Services Framework” >> The go back to settings >> Users & Accounts >> Press “Add Account” >> Now press “Blue Google Icon” (Note: Press only Blue Google Icon not the other Google Icon) >> Then Enter valid “Google Account Details” & Sign-In >> After Signing-in an “Error” will appear & Ignore it >>


Now go back to settings >> See All Apps >> Press 3 Dots top right of screen >> press “System Apps” >> Now Enable “Google Play Services & Google Services Framework” >> Now Restart the Phone >> Continue with initial phone setup while connected to Wi-Fi >> Press next & wait for device to verify information >> It will no say “Account Added” >> Continue & agree with terms to complete setup >> Your phone will now Open after completing setup >> Done!!


Congratulations, you successfully unlocked your Mobicel Berry 2 smartphone.




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