09 March 2018

How To Fix Windows Startup Errors With CMD

The best way to fix windows startup errors with CMD (Command Prompt) when your computer fail to start properly – Fast reliable way to fix windows startup errors with command prompt when your Pc can’t start normally.

How to fix windows startup errors with CMDThere is a lot of problems which can cause your Pc not to start properly due many reasons ranging from viruses and installation of harmful software or drivers. The problem is that you can’t anticipate this problem until it happens to you and when it does you will have no access to your computer.
Is a problem which can happen to any computer user and when it happens you may lose your information if you have no amicable solution for your Pc startup problem. 

There are few ways you can overcome the problem but each method has its own disadvantages especially if you have no recovery media created before your Pc Crash. Sometimes you may have the recovery media but still fail to fix the problem where other options remaining will be to reinstall your operating system entirely which means a complete loss of information if you have no backups.
A wise thing to do is to always make a recovery of your system so that if something wrong happens you will be able revert back your PC. So today I want to explain how you can fix windows startup errors with cmd when you have no recovery media created.

The first option for you is to try recover with a restore point especially if you enabled system protection, but in this case we are looking at a startup error which can’t be fixed with a restore point.
Now boot your Pc and wait for it to try complete the repair, at the end the repair and diagnosing will fail to solve the problem then chose advance instead of restart on the options provided. Now select “Troubleshoot” and then “ Startup Repair”, now chose advanced restart to access the startup configuration menu. Your Pc will restart the a list of options will appear then you will chose “ Safe Mode” , select the number close to “Safe Mode” on your keyboard in terms of 4 ,5 or any number allocated for safe mode. After selecting such option your computer will restart and boot to “Safe Mode”, then enter your Pc password to open it.

Now that you are inside your computer, right click “Start Button” and chose “Command Prompt admin”……..Now that you are in the cmd, type the following command > DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth > then press Enter and wait for several minutes until the process completes……be patient.

When the process complete, exit and restart your computer…….Then your Pc will boot normally without any startup error. Now your problem is fixed without reinstalling the entire operating system.

I hope this article will help you fix windows startup errors fast, feel free to contact me using the contact form for any related assistance you may need.