How To Bypass Google Verification On Mobicel Shift

How to bypass google verification on Mobicel Shift

Easy simple steps to bypass google verification on Mobicel Shift when you forgot your Gmail account after hard reset – Reliable way to bypass frp lock on Mobicel Shift.


Mobicel Shift is one of the best Mobicel android smartphone which is powerful and affordable, problems always arise when you hard reset your phone while you do not know the original google account which was set. Sometimes you are forced to reset your smartphone and when problems start you cannot access it again without hard resetting it.


Then today I’m going to show you simple steps which will help you regain access to your Mobicel Shift smartphone device running android 6.0.


Is always a headache when you try to use your phone and find out that you can’t access because you forgot your account details. First you will need to fully charge your phone because you do not want to stuck in the middle of the process, get yourself a good Wi-Fi connection to simplify the process.

Now switch “ON” your Mobicel Shift smartphone and connect to the available Wi-Fi connection you have, proceed with the initial setup process until the “Google Account” sign-In screen. Just press in the “Input text Field” for the keyboard to pop-up, then press and hold “@” and press the “Android Keyboard settings” option. Now Press “Text Correction” and choose “Add Dictionary” then select “English (United Kingdom), now press the “+” to right corner to add dictionary.


So in the “Text Field” type “google”, then press on hold “google” to highlight it and press the “3 dots” on that small “Pop-up menu”, now choose “ASSIST” immediately. A browser will now open and in the “Address Search Bar”, type “Chrome” and select “Chrome” from the pop-up list below the search bar>> Chrome will now open and do not Sign-In to Chrome but proceed to open “Chrome Browser”>> now type:>> Download “Menu button” from the list and install it immediately after download and open it>>


Now press the “DISPLAY” option and activate all services in the options>> If “Menu Button” is activated then you should see a “Small Menu” on the “Right Edge” of your phone screen>> now go back Downloads>> scroll down and choose “Google Account Manager 5 or 6” depending on your android version>> download it and install it immediately after download>> Now go back to “Downloads” and download “FrpBypass apk”>> install and “OPEN” it after download and proceed>>


Then you will arrive to a “Sign-Inform but do not use it>> now press the “Menu Button” option you installed on the “Right Edge” of your screen and select “Browser Sign-In” option. You will now arrive at the “Sign-In” form and enter valid “Gmail Account” details and proceed>> After successful “Sign-In” then “Restart” your phone, then proceed with initial setup and you will see “Account Added” where it required you to enter “Gmail Account” before.


Finish setup and immediately go to “Settings” in your phone menu>> go to “About Phone” the look for “Built Number”>> press it “Five Times” to enable “Developer Settings”>> Go back to settings and activate “OEM Unlocking”, now go to “Backup and Reset” and choose “Factory Reset”>> Wipe all Data>> to fully reset your Mobicel Shift.


Your phone will restart after reset then proceed with the initial setup then it won’t need Gmail account again and you are done!


Congratulations, you successfully bypassed google verification on your Mobicel Shift smartphone.



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