How To Bypass Google Verification On Mint M3CR

How to bypass google verification on Mint M3CR

Tested method to bypass google verification on Mint M3CR when you forgot google account details – Fast reliable method to bypass google verification on Mint M3CR smartphone.


Mint M3CR android device is one of android’s affordable device but not that popular and when you forgot google account details is nearly impossible to regain access. Android devices running version 5.0+ has a feature called FRP which lockdown your smartphone in case someone hard reset it. It requires this details when you want to set it up and if you do not remember them or you are not its owner then you will be locked until you provide initial Gmail details which was used the first time.


So today I am going to show you easy to follow steps to bypass google verification on Mint M3CR.


First thing you will need your fully charged Mint M3CR and a good WI-FI connection.


Now connect to your WI-FI, choose “Add Network” and “Type” anything in the “Network Name” field...Press and “Hold” the text to “Highlight text” then a “Popup” menu will appear then press "Share". Now Press and Hold "Gmail" then you will arrive in the "App info" window and choose "Notifications" Then "App Settings" and activate "feed" to launch "Browser".


Now in the “Search Bar” type "Chrome" and select it to launch it, Don’t Sign-in to chrome, your chrome browser will open then in the address field type:". Scroll down & download "Google account manager 6" depending on your android version, install it immediately after download. If "Installation of unknown sources" is not activated, then “Activate” it and reinstall "Google account manager".


Then again under "Downloads" now download "Google Account Sign-in or frp bypass apk >> Install it and “Open” it immediately after installation. Then you will arrive to a “Sign-In form”, don’t use it but on the “Right” corner of your Screen >> Press the dots then a “Browser Sign-In” Option will appear and press it. Now enter your valid Gmail account details and Sign-In, after sign-in then “Restart” your phone.


Proceed with the initial setup to complete your phone setup, so now where it required you to “Sign-In” then it will now say “Account Added” and will not require you to sign-in now. Complete phone setup then you are done.


Congratulations, you successfully bypassed google verification on Mint M3CR!!



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