Wednesday, July 4, 2018

How To Bypass Google Verification On LG-K100e

The best tested method to bypass google verification on LG-K100E when you forgot your gmail Account details - LG-K100E Google verification bypass in easy steps.

How to bypass google verification on LG-K100e
Being locked out of your own device is not nice, LG-K100E is one of the best android devices most of us use and when it is locked then it becomes a nightmare. There is no easy way of working around security problems on android devices but with some expertise, we are going to help you regain access to your LG-K100E.

Android devices running version 5, 6 or 7 use from protection to secure the device in case it has been hard reset, after a hard reset then it will require the first Gmail account which was signed in. The problem is when you forgot the your Google account details, then you will need to find other advanced methods to regain access to your smartphone.

So today I'll be showing you how to bypass frp protection on your LG-K100E smartphone.

First fully charge your phone or 80% of battery, have a good Wifi hotspot and you are ready. Power your phone "ON" and proceed with setup until the "Email" verification window, type anything in the "Email" field, press and highlight the typed word then a small pop-up window will show then choose "Assistant", a browser will automatically open then type " Settings" and click the settings option to access your phone settings menu.

Under settings, go to "Security" then "Device administrator" and deactivate android device manager. Still under security, deactivate all other remaining security features. Now go to "Apps" and top right corner select "Show System Apps", Browse the apps and find "Setup wizard" select it then "Disable and Force Stop it", Clear it's "Data" and proceed to the second "Setup Wizard".... Disable, Force Stop and Clear it's Data.

Now go to "Google Play Store App > Google Play Services > Google Service Framework" then "Disable, Force Stop & Clear Data" simultaneously on each of them. So now go to "Google Account Manager App" then "Disable, Force Stop & Clear it's Data, now immediately press "Back Button" until the first setup window. Disconnect the WiFi, now the "Next Button" will be available so that you can proceed with the initial setup.

Complete initial phone setup then your phone will open, go to "Settings" then choose " Backup & Reset" then select "Factory Reset" and erase all phone data. Your LG-K100E will restart automatically then complete the setup, now the "Email Verification" window will no longer show.

Complete your phone setup and you are done.

 Congratulations, you successfully bypassed Google verification on LG-K100E!!

Feel free to ask any related questions regarding your LG-K100E Frp Bypass using the contact form on the right widget area or bottom of this website.

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