How To Print Black and White With Color Ink

Reliable ways to print black and white with color ink only using HP 1510 printer series - The best proven method to print black and white with a color ink cartridge only on hp 1510 series inkjet.

How To Print Black and White With Color Ink
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Printing is one of the basic requirements of running any kind of office and running out of printer consumables is something no businessman can avoid but to manage it sometimes. Sometimes as a business person or something who print a lot of documents daily, you realize late that you only left with one ink cartridge in your machine. Note that not all printers support printing with one cartridge and when that occurs you will be stuck with none printed documents.

So today I will be explaining to you how you can easily print in black when you are left with only the color cartridge in your HP Deskjet 1515. I will using this printer as an example because this topic specifically revolve around it but you can also run the same procedures that I will be explaining now on some printers which utilizes individual ink system. What I realized with this printer is that, even though the manufacturer says it can print with only one cartridge sometimes it just does not work. But you can still do it using additional tools to achieve this process.

For this purpose you will need a certain tool to achieve this objective…Since normally what happens when you try to print with only one cartridge is that a blank page will be printed out. Then you need a piece of software called Foxit pdf editor since the basic windows print dialogue does not give you certain options that you will be looking for to do this.

The software is free to download online and we only need a certain configuration to enable us to print black from that color cartridge.

Then download and install the software on your PC for you to begin this process, For instance you wanted to print a word document which is stored on your PC…If you try to print it now you will see that it does not print because the black cartridge empty. So now I will show you exactly what you need to do so that you can print your document.

First you will open your word document and save it as pdf, then open the pdf document using foxit pdf editor that you downloaded and installed on your PC. So now click print on the menu bar of foxit editor then a dialogue like the one below will pop up……then select grayscale then OK. Now your document will start printing from your HP Deskjet Printer.

Soon I will be explaining how to save ink when filling lengthy forms.

I hope this article helped you solve your printing needs and feel free to ask and subscribe to receive updates as they occur regarding this topic and other interesting topics.


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