How To Bypass Google Account On ZTE Smartphones

How To Bypass Google Account On ZTE Smartphones

Best tested method to bypass google account on ZTE smartphones when you forgot password after hard reset – ZTE frp lock bypass in simple step by step.


ZTE smartphones are powerful and affordable and when you forgot google account which was previously used on the phone then is difficult to use it. When you forgot or misplaced google account and hard reset your ZTE phone then you will be required to verify during setup because of FRP protection.


Even though is not the best position to be locked out of your own smartphone, today I will be showing you how you can easily bypass google account verification so that you can regain access to your ZTE smartphone. Remember that factory restore protection is there to protect your personal data and is why you are required to verify your identity before accessing such phone after hard reset. This ensures that only the owner of the phone can re-activate the device and use it again.


In this case we are referring to the owner of the device who forgot or misplaced the google account which was signed-in. We discourage users to steal other people’s devices with the aim of hard resetting them and using our instructions to bypass the verification on someone’s phone.


Now follow the simple steps below to unlock your ZTE smartphone >>

Power your ZTE "ON" >>Proceed and Connect "Wi-Fi" >> Go back to "Welcome Screen" >> Now Press & hold screen with two fingers to enable "Talkback" >> Continue holding screen until a "Beep" enabling "Talkback" >> Press "Back" to "Welcome Screen" again >> Swipe a "Curve" across the screen to enable "Global Context Menu" >> Select "Text To Speech" Settings >> Slide "Two Fingers" from left to right of Screen >> Scroll down >> Now Select "Apps" >> Scroll down >> Select "YouTube" >> Notifications >> 


Double tap "Setting Gear" top right of screen >> Press "About" >> Select "Google Privacy Policy" >> Now type "Quickshortcut Maker 2.4.0" in the Search Bar >> Download it >> Open and install it after download >> Open it and scroll down to "Launcher3" >> Press it and click "Try" >> Your phone will Open >> Go to "Settings" >> Backup & Reset >> Reset Phone >> Erase everything >> The Reset process will start >> Your phone will restart automatically >> Complete initial setup >> Now your phone will not require google account to proceed >> Complete setup then you are Done.


Congratulations your ZTE is now ready, you successfully bypassed google account on ZTE smartphone.

Thabo Moremi

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