How To Protect Android Phone From Virus

Easy ways to protect android phone from virus which lies within many files which we use – Protect your android phone from virus when sharing and downloading files from the internet.

Android smartphones are vulnerable to viruses the same way your PC does and protecting yourself from such viruses prevent devastating things like being spied. There is a lot of places where your smartphone can get dangerous viruses but we are always unaware the places we get all sorts of problems.

Android apps are the most common when it comes to distributing viruses quickly, even apps in the google play store itself some of them contain undetected viruses which spread with every download. There is no the so called clean app store as hackers are taking the upper hand developing and merging dangerous apps with trusted know apps.

Users tend to download and install cracked apps on their devices and that is very dangerous because those who cracked the app put certain viruses within those apps to steal from you. Mostly users will choose cracked apps to avoid paying subscriptions and licenses and that put them in great danger.

In my experience whenever you try to download apps in an untrusted app store, there is always a virus which goes with the download file you request. Mostly when you press download on the app you want, the first pop-up window may be a virus especially if you do not know the actual size of the file you want.

Then only the second click on the download link should be real file you want to download, this is very big problem especially if do not have an AD Blocker on your android smartphone.

Ways to limit and block viruses on your android smartphone>>

First install an antivirus and lockdown apps on your smartphone and keep your antivirus database updated at all times. Configure your antivirus to run scheduled scans of your device, use the lockdown app to secure your phone by enable “install Protection” so that it requires security code for app installation and use its app lock to lock play store. 

Do not download cracked apps if you do not really need them and avoid app stores which require you to disable Ad blocker before downloading apps. Check every download size to see if it corresponds with the required download file size. Also do not download apps which looks larger than the normal size of the app you are looking because the additional size can be spyware bound to that original app. Is very easy to bind two applications if you know how to so be careful of such apps. Avoid apps which shows intrusive ads within them when opened as they consume your data bundles.

What does a virus or spyware do?

A virus will always try to corrupt your android device and destroy important data on your smartphone while spyware will hijack your device and send your personal data somewhere to someone who will then use it unlawfully.

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