Friday, January 18, 2019

How To Bypass Google Verification on Vodafone VFD 210

Simple way to bypass Google Verification on Vodafone vfd 210 - Proven method to bypass Google Verification on Vodafone vfd 210 after hard reset.

How To Bypass Google Verification on Vodafone VFD 210
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Vodafone vfd 210 is one of android smartphone which are affordable currently and losing your Google account details can make it impossible for you to use your phone after a hard reset.

Sometimes we reset our devices unaware that we already forgot our Google account information and that becomes a big problem after you hard reset your smartphone. It can sometimes be troublesome to re-access your device but is not impossible.

Usually I'll tell my clients that the only reason you hard reset a device is because you did not have access it and is why you reset it using the hard reset procedure. We highly not encourage people to steal other people's phones hoping to use methods outlined to unlawfully access devices which don't belong to them!!

So today I'll be showing you how you can easily bypass Google Verification screen and re-access your smartphone.

First make sure that your battery is fully charged and have a reliable Wi-Fi hotspot with enough data bundles, at least 100mb will do.


Press & hold "Comma" then move finger up to press "settings gear" then "Android keyboard settings> text correction> personal dictionary> united states> press then plus sign (+) top right corner > type "Google" > press "search icon" then type "Google Voice typing" > press it & select "text-to-speech output" >press settings gear next to "Google Text-to-speech engine" on the right then select "install voice data" then press the "3dots" top right corner> press "open-source licenses> press & hold the word "Computer" & press "search icon" top of screen> type "chrome" in the search bar on top of screen & select it.

Now setup "Chrome" but don't sign-in> type "" on the search bar & proceed> go to "downloads" on the menu> scroll down and look for "Google account manager 5"> Press icon to download it> open & install it after immediately after download> go back to "downloads" & look for " Google account sign-in"> press icon to download it> install immediately after download & open it> sign-in form with appear & don't sign-in> press "browser sign-in" top right corner of screen> enter valid Gmail account details> Sign-in> after sign-in "Restart Phone"> Begin initial setup> Now where it required "Gmail account" it Will now say "Account Added"> proceed & complete phone setup> After your phone opens> go to "settings"> about phone> press "built number" 5 times to enable "development settings">go back to settings & select "developer settings"> make sure "OEM Unlocking" is selected> go back to "Backup & Reset"> Factory data reset> Reset Phone> phone will reset> then it will restart automatically then complete the initial phone setup.

Now it will not require Gmail account details when you open it.

Congratulations, your Vodafone vfd 210 is now unlocked!!


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