04 July 2018

How To Bypass Google Verification On Mobicel Pure Mini

How to bypass google verification on mobicel pure mini

The best way to bypass Google verification on Mobicel Pure Mini when you forget Gmail account details - Fast reliable way to bypass google verification on Mobicel Pure Mini.


Mobicel Pure Mini is one of the most affordable android devices currently in the market and hard resetting it while you don't know your Gmail account details in heart can be difficult to reactivate the device. So today I will be discussing how you can easily and safely bypass Google verification on Mobicel Pure Mini I'd forgot Gmail account details.

In most cases is easy to forget account details when you have several accounts with different passwords and usernames and you maybe be locked out of your own device because of this. It happens when you hard reset your Mobicel Pure Mini maybe when you feel it starting to get slow or there are several bugs due to updates so on. Is easier to reactivate your device if you know your credentials.


I always advice that you create backup options which can help you regain access even if you forget your password, at least you should know your email username or everything won't work even if you have backup plans.

First we look at what you will need to successfully bypass Google verification on Mobicel Pure Mini.


The first important thing will be a Good Wi-Fi, Your fully charged Mobicel Pure Mini smartphone, a working PCReset Applications (Rar APK, From APK, Chrome APK, Google Account Manager APK 5, 6 or 7, FrpBypass apk & the Menu Button APK. All this android apks are necessary to pull this off, the reason we go this route is because other methods of accessing the necessary tools required to complete the Reset procedure are nearly close to impossible to archive.


Now you will need a working USB cable to connect your phone to the PC, Connect your phone and make sure you can access your phone storage from the computer. Copy Reset Applications mentioned above to the "download folder" of your phone storage.


Now open your phone and begin with the initial setup procedure, connect to your WI-FI and proceed. Where it requires Gmail account details, press the text input field for the keyboard to pop-up, now press and hold "@" symbol and choose keyboard settings. Select "Dictionary" then "Text Correction", press add dictionary and type "Google" in the text input field, now press and hold to "highlight" the word "Google" then choose "Share" from the small pop-up window, choose the "Email icon" and proceed to setup your email.


It can be other email but not a Gmail account, Sign-in with a working email then "Compose" a new email, enter any invalid email address in the recipient field, add any subject then choose the "Attach" icon and locate Reset Applications copied to your phone in the "Download folder", now attach the "Rar apk" and send the email.


Now the email will stay in the "outbox" of your email app, navigate back to your "outbox" and locate the email u sent, open it and press the "Rar apk" attachment >> app setup will begin so that you can install the APK>> install it and open it immediately after installation, use it as "File manager" to access the "download folder" where you copied your reset apk's... Select and install "Google Account Manager 5, 6 or 7" according to your device firmware version.


So now select and install "FrpBypass apk" and open it immediately after installation so that you can arrive to a Google account Sign-in form, if Browser Sign-In is not available, then you need to install the "The Menu Button" located in the same" Reset Apk's Folder" in the download folder of your phone. NB: You will need to use the procedure used in the "Email app" by pressing the "Rar apk attachment" in the email "outbox" if you left the Rar file manager already.


The "Menu Button" will help you to get the " Browser Sign-in" option if your phone doesn't show it, now press the "Browser Sign-in" and enter valid Gmail account details and Sign-in, after Sign-in "Restart" your phone. Begin the initial setup again then where it required Gmail account will now say "Account Added" then complete phone setup and go to "settings". Now go to "About Phone" under settings and press "Built Number" to activate "Developer Options">> press back once and select "Development Options" then make sure "OEM Unlocking" is checked.


Go back to settings then choose "Backup & Reset" then "Factory Data Reset" and completely reset the phone. The phone will restart then complete the initial setup, now the phone will allow you to proceed Setup without requiring Gmail account.


Complete the setup then you are done with Mobicel Pure Mini Google verification bypass.


Congratulations, Google verification bypass on Mobicel Pure Mini is complete. You can now use your phone freely.


How To Bypass Google Verification On Mobiwire Halona

How to bypass google verification on Mobiwire Halona

Proven reliable method to bypass google verification on Mobiwire Halona when you lost previous google account details – Mobiwire Halona frp lock bypass in easy steps after hard reset. 


Mobiwire Halona is one of android affordable smartphone in the market and unlike other devices it is quite rare. When you hard reset it but forgot google account details, it can be a frustrating task to regain access to Halona phone.

Today I will be showing you step by step instructions on how you can bypass google verification on your Mobiwire Halona Smartphone. First you will need to fully charge your phone and a stable Wi-Fi connection to help you complete the procedure.


Now “Power ON” your phone and Connect to your “Wi-Fi” network, proceed with the setup until the “Gmail Account Sign-In” form. Then proceed and press the email input field so that the keyboard can pop-up, press and hold "Comma or ," then press the "Settings icon" on the small pop-up windows. Now choose "android Keyboard settings" and then "Text Correction". Now press “Personal dictionary” and press the "+" sign top right corner of the screen, Type "google" and press the "Ok" button on the keyboard, now press the "Back arrow" top left of the screen.

Now type "Google Voice Typing" and “Press it” then choose "Text-to-speech output" and press "Settings Gear” next to " Google Text-to-Speech" then select "Install Voice Data", Now press the "Three Dots” top right corner of the screen and choose "Open Source Licenses">> Then "Highlight" any “Word” and press the "Search Icon" top right corner of the screen. So now type "Chrome" from the search bar and setup Chrome without Signing-In, Now in Chrome “Search Bar”>> type: www.tzaneen-pc-tech.xyz/p/downloads.html" >> 

Then download “Google Account Manager 5”. So here you choose google account manager 5 because Mobiwire Halona use android 5.0 but if yours use android 6.0 then you will have to download “Google Account Manage 6 or 7 etc”. Download and install it immediately, now go back to the list and download “FrpBypass apk” then install and “Open” it immediately.


You will arrive to a google account sign-in form and do not enter details on that form>> then from the top right corner of your screen you will select “Browser Sign-in” and in this case your Mobiwire Halona does not have this option. So we have to go back to Downloads and download “Menu Button”>> download and install it>> open it and go to “Button Settings” deselect “Back, Home & Compact configurations” then press the “Display” option, now you will see a small widget on the right edge of screen.


Go back to downloads and download “FrpBypass apk”>> install and open it to continue to the sign-in window. Don’t enter your “Gmail Details” on the first screen, Now press your top right “option” to see the “Browser Sign-in” option and select it. Enter your valid Gmail account details and proceed, after successful sign-in then “Restart” your phone.


Proceed with your initial phone setup, now you will notice that the “Nextbutton is visible even if not connected to Wi-Fi>> your phone will automatically connect to your Wi-Fi. Proceed to the Gmail sign-in screen then now you will see “Account Added”, so you can continue with your phone setup. Complete the initial phone setup, go to settings then “About Phone”>> “Built Number”>> then press it “Five Times” to enable development settings. Go back to settings and select “Developer” option and Activate “OEM Unlocking”, Now go to “Backup & Reset” under settings and choose “Factory Data Reset” then press “Reset Phone”.


Your smartphone will restart after reset, proceed with first time setup and now no Gmail account will be required.


Congratulations! You successfully bypassed google verification on Mobiwire Halona, You can now use your phone freely. 



How To Bypass Google Verification On LG-K100e

The best tested method to bypass google verification on LG-K100E when you forgot your gmail Account details - LG-K100E Google verification bypass in easy steps.

How to bypass google verification on LG-K100e
Being locked out of your own device is not nice, LG-K100E is one of the best android devices most of us use and when it is locked then it becomes a nightmare. There is no easy way of working around security problems on android devices but with some expertise, we are going to help you regain access to your LG-K100E.