How To Install Unsigned Drivers in Windows

 The best way to install unsigned drivers in windows 7, 8 & 10 - Reliable way to install unsigned drivers on your computer.

How to install unsigned drivers on windows
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Every computer user has different needs in terms of computing and running specialised tools on the system. Microsoft use what we call driver verification to check every drivers if they come from trusted or untrusted sources. So if you want to install custom drivers for specific computing needs, those drivers will be rejected by the system because they are unknown or not signed without trusted certificates. 

Then now I'm going to show you how you can successfully install custom drivers on any windows based PC. First you must have a disk or a zipped folder which contains your drivers, if is a zipped folder then you will have to extract the folder so that contents are visible and ready for selection... Now go to control panel and choose device manager or right click start on win 8 & 10,

Now that the device manger window is opened...Go top left of that window and click "action".. Then " add legacy hardware",
 then click next....the next window select the second option which says "Advanced" then next....ignore the categories and click next.... Now click have disk, ....
then browse the driver folder that you extracted and choose the .inf file according to your preferences " 32bit or 64bit of your system "......Now select your drivers as appropriate to you or just click next until you complete installation.

 NB: Sometimes the drivers may show a caution in the device manager,..just ignore them. Soon I'll be giving more info how to " disable driver verification if you fail to install custom drivers based on the above information. See Computer Software Repair for more info

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