Thursday, November 23, 2017

How To Hard Reset Vodafone VF685

The best way to hard reset Vodafone VF685 when you forgot password or unlock pattern – Easy steps to hard reset Vodafone VF685 when you are locked out of your smart phone.

How To Hard Reset Vodafone VF685
Hard reset Vodafone VF685 fast with the best simple steps to follow and regain access to your phone when you lost your password. Smart phones can easily be locked if you forget your password or unlock pattern to access it. Is not easy sometimes to remember all the passwords especially if use several different codes.

When your phone is locked there is no other way to access it than using the hard reset methods which I will describe below. The problem is you will not be able to access the settings menu to rest your password normally, so hard reset will be your only option to solve this problem. Is a good thing that android smart phones support the hard reset feature to enable us to access recovery options which will enable us to regain access to our smart phones.

So today I will show you how you can easily hard reset Vodafone vf685 in simple steps. First you should make sure that your phone battery is fully charged, you do not need anything else than your two hands to do this.


Now switch off your smart phone and put each finger on the Volume+ button and Power button, Press the Volume+ and the Power button simultaneously. Your Vodafone VF685 will start switching ON then release the buttons immediately when the Vodafone logo appears.

Now your phone will open the recovery menu and choose “Factory Data Reset” using the volume buttons to navigate up and down, then use the power button to “Select” or “take action”. An option will appear saying “ Delete All User Data” then press the “Power button" to take that action, wait for few seconds while your phone is being reset and select “Reboot” when it completes the reset process.
Now your phone will restart and open without requiring any password, you are done resetting your Vodafone VF685.

Set everything up the same way you will do with a new phone, now you have successfully regained access to your smart phone.

Good Luck!

I hope this article will help you reset your Vodafone VF685 and regain access.


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