Techno Pop 2x Air google account bypass tutorial


Techno Pop 2x Air google account bypass tutorial

Reliable method to bypass google verification on Techno Pop 2x Air (Techno RB65) when you forgot account details.


Techno is one of the most affordable smartphone for everyone and when you forgot google account after hard reset is a problem. Today we focus on how to bypass google account verification on your Techno Pop 2x Air. Take note that all Android phones running Android version 5 upwards features FRP to secure personal data in case of hard reset. This feature will block anyone from accessing the phone without verifying their identity after hard resetting the device.


First make sure that you charge the phone at least 50% or more and have a good working Wi-Fi connection. Also have an SD card and download required Apps at . Now download “Remote 1 and Anddoes Launcher” from the download page and store them on SD Card using another phone or PC. Also Save some contacts on SIM Card as backup and insert it in the locked phone (Note: This is done in case the phone doesn’t have default numbers in phone book)


Now insert the SD Card in the locked Techno Pop 2x Air and Power ON the device>> Press the Start Button>> Connect to Wi-Fi>> Go back to Start>> Press “Emergency”>> Then Press it again twice to open it>> Now Press “Add Contact”>> Enter contacts details or select the ones you saved on SIM>> Now from the Emergency Contact list, press the Added contact to open it>> Press the 3 Dots top right>>


Press “Share”>> Share with Text>> Google Go>> Proceed Without Sign-in>> Now Press the Colourful square box bottom right>> Press All Apps>> Then scroll down and select “Files Go”>> Press the 3 Dots top right>> Select “Show Storage”>> Select your SD Card where you saved the Apps>> Press “Remote 1” to install it and don’t Open it>> Now go back to SD Card and Press “Anddoes Launcher” to Install and Open It>> You will arrive in the phone menu>> Now go to Settings>> Security and Location>> Device Admin Apps>> Disable “Find My Phone and Screen Lock”>> Go back to Settings>> Apps and Notifications>> Press “See All Apps”>> Press 3 Dots to Right>>


Show System>> Disable “Google Play Services and Google Services Framework”>> Go back to Settings>> Users and Accounts>> Add Account>> Now Press only the Blue Google Icon>> Enter Valid Gmail Account details and Sign-In>> After Sign-in an Error will appear saying “App Stopped”>> Ignore it and go back to Settings>> Now go back to Settings again>> Apps and Notifications>> Press “See All Apps”>> Press 3 Dots to Right>> Show System>> Now Enable “Google Play Services and Google Services Framework”>>


Then Restart your Techno Pop 2x Air>> Now Press start while still connected to Wi-Fi>> proceed with in initial Phone setup>> Wait for the device to Verify Account>> It will now say “Account Added”>> Continue and complete remaining steps>> Your Phone will now Open>> Now you are DONE!


Congratulations, you successfully bypassed google verifications on your Techno Pop 2x Air smartphone.




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Disclaimer: Tzaneen-PC-Tech doesn’t carry the responsibility of any damage or criminal charges if you apply the method on a device you don’t own.


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