Best SEO Tips for Bloggers simplified

Best SEO Tips for Bloggers simplified

Simple SEO tips to help your website or blog get organic traffic for free on most search engines – Best SEO tricks to optimize your website to rank well on search engine results.


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Today I will be getting more in depth with search engine optimization (SEO) and how it affects your website rankings. All search engines like google, Bing and others use their techniques and algorithms to make it difficult for your website to appear first page of search results. By looking at it you can say is bad practice by the search engine but is not. Just imagine if every website on earth were to appear on page one of search results, it was going to be a nightmare. There is a need to filter irrelevant information which doesn’t meet the search query.


So their algorithms ensure that only relevant web pages which matches a certain query appears first page of the search results. That ensure exact information is displayed for query a user have entered in the search box. To overcome this conundrum requires dedication and the ability to follow certain rules at some point. Those who run more advanced websites with special skills seem to be successful on appearing top ten of search results.


It does not mean you need to be a web guru to achieve this, but practice and the ability to refer to the best practices of SEO. Every individual has their own skills which they do well which different to the next person who have a different skill. What I'm trying to say is that everyone relies on someone's expertise, because no one has all the skills. Optimising your business website or blog is like when you boost your car so that it can be faster and stronger. Then you will know the type of components you need to achieve the top speed and power. So a website is just like that and if you want it to be found with every search query then it must be optimized and comply with all SEO aspects.


The first thing you will need is a good SEO friendly domain name which reflects your business. A reputable web hosting provider which will host your website. Most web hosting providers will provide both web hosting and web design at the same time but I recommend that you separate your hosting from your domain registrar. This will ensure that you don't get stuck with the same hosting provider when things go wrong. You need the flexibility to move to a different hosting than putting everything in one basket.


After your website is online, then you can get a SEO expert or join one our free SEO group to fine tune your website or blog. Doing this will your blog or website to be optimized and get more traffic and reach your target market. Some of the hosting providers also provide SEO services so that you may not need to go different places for such services but sometime expensive. Also take advantage of social media platforms to reach more users globally.


I hope this article was informative to you and soon I will be writing more about how you can optimize on your own for free.


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Thabo Moremi

IT Support Specialist, Web Developer and SEO Specialist


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