Samsung Z4 Hard Reset

Samsung Z4 hard reset in simple steps to follow when you forgot pattern or password to unlock your smartphone – Samsung Z4 hard reset simplified in easy steps.

Samsung Z4 Hard Reset
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When you forgot your password to unlock your Samsung Z4 you do not need to panic because there are ways to reset your smartphone and set another password. Hard reset is a procedure which helps you to reset your device in the event where you lost credentials to access any android smartphone.

Today I will be showing you how you can easily reset your Samsung Z4 and be able to use your phone again.

Sometimes is not because you lost your password but maybe one of your family members gave you their phone which they no longer use. Remember that the procedure I will be showing you today will delete everything on your Z4 smartphone but only information on the memory card will remain.

First make sure that your Samsung Z4 is fully charged and that all buttons are working just fine.

Now press “PowerplusVolume UpplusMenusimultaneously and wait for seconds, now a set of options will appear the choosePhone Initialisation” and pressYes”. The reset process will now start and wait until the process complete.

Your phone will automatically start the initial setup process the same way it happens with a newly bought smartphone. Complete the setup process by entering required information the way you normally do setting up a new phone, complete the setup process then you are done resetting you Samsung Z4 smartphone.

Congratulations, you successfully reset your Samsung Z4 smartphone in easy steps, you can now enjoy using your smartphone and stay connected with friends.

I hope the article will help you regain access to your locked smartphone, you can also use this procedure on Samsung Z series devices when you forgot password or pattern.

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