AEG Pedestal Fan Review

AEG Pedestal Fan Model: ES-1/5Z Review to help you make the right decision before you buy any AEG Fan – The best AEG Pedestal Fan review from a real user who used the ES-1/5Z pedestal Fan for two years.

AEG Pedestal Fan
Pedestal Fan
AEG pedestal fans are the most affordable middle priced, strong and useful during the hot summer season. They usually carry a one year warranty and looks well designed with three speeds so that you can set your desired cooling conditions. Even though every home gadget has its own flaws in the design and the kind of parts they use, AEG pedestal fans also have several Plastic Fatigue which can render it unusable quickly especially when they are used rapidly.

Below are pictures of the most important parts on AEG Pedestal Fans which can’t stand heat when the fan is working and render it unusable.
AEG Pedestal fan Parts
Damaged AEG fan Parts due to constant heat from Fan Motor

These plastic fatigue is based on an AEG pedestal fan used 1-2 times per week over two years and if it was used daily it would not take more than one year for the fan to stop working. The review provided here will help you as a consumer to check carefully which type of parts are used on this fans, in my view plastic parts used to tighten most of pedestal fans are the main problem and it will be a good idea to buy a fan with steel tighteners or any other strong metal which can stand heat.

But also important for companies which produce AEG pedestal fans or any other fan producer to consider using stronger parts which can withstand the heat generated by the fan because there is no use buying a fan for about R600 –R900 and it stops working within six months just because plastic parts used on the fan is too weak to stand the heat. As for myself this taught me a lesson because I spent a lot of money buying this fan but plastic fatigue was significant.

One other thing the motor will just stop when it is too hot outside and the motor will be extremely hot and change start to change sound. But the fan stand is strong and balance nicely with the floor, so if the producers fix the above mentioned problems then they will have a very good and affordable AEG pedestal fan which will sell like hot cakes during summer.

I hope this review will help you choose the right pedestal fan which last long and affordable.

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