WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to boost website ranking and indexing – Get affordable SEO services ranging from On-Page SEO, Keyword Research, Backlinks and Search Submission.

As businesses are struggling in this difficult economy, we came up with possible solutions by unleashing resources which can help businesses and individuals thrive online. Running an online business is not just about creating a website and leave it there without applying SEO principles. Your website can be online but with no one to reach it because is not optimized. We take care of the optimization to make sure that your website is indexed and rank well.

Competition is high online and there is no easy way to rank your website well without an effort and good effort requires special skills. A well ranked website gets high probability of being clicked and that means potential clients. The higher a website ranks the more chance it can be found and is why SEO services are important to put your business top of search results. We also realise that budget constraints are always a stumbling block for business to engage in large scale marketing campaign. Our SEO services are dedicated for such businesses and individuals who can’t embark on a large scale marketing campaign.

Affordability is important and our SEO packages matches every pocket from small, medium, large businesses and individuals. We have different packages with multiple services for clients to choose their preferred SEO services.

Below is a List of SEO Packages that we offer>>

Keyword ResearchYESYESYES
Search Engine SubmissionYESYESYES
Link BuildingNOYESYES
Competitor AnalysisNONOYES
Keyword DensityNONOYES
Ranking ReportNONOYES
Rio CalculationNONOYES
Top 10 Optimization ReportNONOYES
Facebook Page ManagementNONOYES
SEO Friendly Content WritingNOYESYES
Adsense MonetizationNONOYES
WordPress ManagementNOYESYES
Website Layout Optimization (WordPress)YESYESYES
PRICE p/mR350 / $19R500 / $29R1000 / $59

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