Refer a Client to Tzaneen-PC-Tech and get 30% commission for Smartphone Unlocking, PC Troubleshooting, Data recovery, PC Unlocking, Software & Gadgets Technical Support – Get a share of profit for services rendered after a gadget is fixed or Software is sold and paid up by Client.

Tzaneen-PC-Tech presents an opportunity for anyone who want to earn money just for referring converting clients towards our services. Is tough time that everyone should be making some sort of income and this opportunity suit anyone over 13 Years to earn.

Let’s look at the opportunity, you refer a client who need any that we offer and get 30% commission after successful sale of services rendered. Our services range from Smartphone Unlocking (Android, iOS, Tizen), Computer Software Repair & Troubleshooting, Data Recovery, Software, PC Unlocking, See Full Services here >>

We also work with Schools providing special software for scheduling purposes to simplify lesson allocation. Referrers can also focus on this niche as it will provide steady commission potential if marketed appropriately. As a referrer you do not need to handle complicated logistics to help a client as we handle everything from the moment a client is referred to us. We keep record of every referrer’s leads and potential commission estimates to keep track of earnings due to our referrers. After service is rendered to a client and account is paid, then referrer’s commission will be sent to the referrer asap.

Guidelines for Referrer’s or Agents on Gadgets (Laptops, PC, Smartphone) referred to Tzaneen-PC-Tech

  • Gadgets should be Switching ON
  • Gadgets Buttons should be working
  • Touch Screen or Display should be working
  • Charging port should be working
  • Gadgets Keyboard should be working

Above guidelines only applies when a referrer or agent brings the gadgets to Tzaneen-PC-Tech themselves. Software services which require consultations with clients will require arrangements with clients after information is received from referrer or agent.

Important things for Referrers or Agents

  • This is not Employment but a way to earn part time
  • No Salaries, only commissions after service rendered and paid by client
  • No contracts, UIF or any other benefits

How to Refer Clients to Tzaneen-PC-Tech Online?

NB: Clients or Customers should reside within Tzaneen!!

Referrer’s or Agents can place orders or consultation requests for acquired clients Here >>

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