Website Optimization for AdSense Approval and preparation services to get website ready to serve ads.

Website monetization is the next step when you feel that your website has grown and gained enough traffic. Most website owners face challenges as their site gets rejected by Google mostly due to none compliance with it’s policies. This why TZANEEN-PC-TECH is helping website owners who want to monetize their website to get assistance in getting their websites ready for AdSense. We know that is sometimes challenging to figure out why your website get rejected whenever you apply for AdSense.

TZANEEN-PC-TECH has the right Web developers with extensive SEO skills and experience to prepare your website for AdSense Approval. Our friendly SEO experts will walk you through the whole process until your website get approved while you gain valuable skills to use on your own as a website owner. We don’t only prepare your site for AdSense but also providing you with valuable skills which you can apply on your website in future. As opposed to other providers, we involve our clients in the process so that they understand the do and don’t for AdSense application and approval.

Our services for Website Optimisation for AdSense focuses on the following aspects of your website:

Categories, Navigation, Privacy & Contact, Theme, Internal & Outbound links, Images for SEO, Content for SEO, Logo, Layout, Permalink Structure, RSS Feeds, Ads.txt, AdSense Connection, Search Console, Sitemaps, Adblocker & Active View Extensions.

All those aspects together forms part of the preparation process to get your website ready for AdSense Approval. We offer this service at an affordable rate for any type of budget with up to 30% OFF in discounts up for grabs. It can be a small, medium or large website and we will assist in the best possible manner to get your site ready and approved.

Things to consider when you need our Website Optimization for AdSense and preparation services, you need a working website, Hosting and an Adsense Account which you have Administration access to it.


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