WordPress e-commerce website design

Responsive e-commerce website development services for businesses and individuals to sell physical and digital products for less.

Online shopping is becoming the norm as every retailer moving to digital stores. An online store does not only simplifies selling but also reduce operating costs significantly. Consumers are also adopting to shopping from anywhere in the comfort of their homes easily. Having an online store is crucial for any brand nowadays and getting the best e-commerce website becomes critical for the store success. Tzaneen-PC-Tech is here to bridge that gap by providing affordable e-commerce development services which suit any budget.

We realize that e-commerce development is mostly expensive in many web development providers and we here to fix that for everyone. It can be a small e-commerce website with few products then we are able to assist without charging an arm and a leg. We have the right package for any e-commerce requirements even on a tight budget. It does not have to be that expensive to start your own online store and Tzaneen-PC-Tech realize that point.

WordPress e-commerce website design

What to benefit from our e-commerce development

– Guidance throughout the process

– SEO preparation for your online store

– Important Integrations like Social and Chat features

– First five product listing assistance to familiarise clients

– Payment Integration Assistance for BUY Button

– Keyword Research for domain

– Basic SEO training for content writing

– Search Engine Submissions

– Google Analytics Integration

– Sitemap Configuration and Submissions

– One Month FREE Ongoing Assistance (Optionally Extendable for a FEE)

– Advance Security Configuration if Required

Our clients can benefit from all the above services for less when it comes to their e-commerce development needs. Quick turnaround time and affordability is what our clients can expect to get their online stores as soon as possible. Our basic e-commerce development start at R1300 with up to 30% OFF eligibility. We also run specials and promotions regularly with a guaranteed 30% OFF (See Specials Here).

e-commerce website development

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