The best affordable computer repair services in Tzaneen to keep your computer safe and fast to provide stable performance – PC Repair and Troubleshooting services with up to 30% OFF discount on service fees.

Computer problems arise always whether at work or home and is a reality that some of them are bound to occur whether we like it or not. Most organizations rely on electronic devices to store information but when your PC stops working unexpectedly it becomes a sad day suddenly. With experience working with computer issues and troubleshooting them, we are now able to fix the most troubling computer problems to help small businesses and individuals to keep their systems running at affordable rates.

Our PC Repair and Troubleshooting Services ranges from;

Computer Repair Services
Windows or Linux Clean InstallationSoftware Installation
PC TroubleshootingVirus Detection & Removal
Software & Hardware UpgradeComputer Security
Dual-Boot (Windows & Linux or Both)Windows Password Bypass
PC Performance OptimizationData Recovery & Backup
Laptop Hinge RepairData Protection
Driver Installation & RepairPrinter Installation & Pairing
Windows ActivationVirtual Machine Setup
IT Support Services

When it comes to computers and any electronic device such as tablet or smartphones you will never be hundred percent sure. It can die at any time for no reason and stop you from conducting your business and loose clients. A PC is like a human being, if you are sick you go to hospital to get some medication. But if your PC is sick it will need a technician to take a look a troubleshoot the problem. Most computer users just enjoy using them without taking care of them. Taking care of computers means things like installing Antivirus and removing malicious software.

The consequences of not taking care of these important factors can be devastating and costly to recover. Things like cracked software are not recommended as they may contain malicious software. They can harm your PC or even destroy everything you worked hard for on your computer. We also discourage pirated software because is theft to the software developers who worked hard to develop the software.

Our services will allow you overcome the headache of dealing with the complexities of dealing with PC problems. We also offer up to 30% discount when request any of our services. Use the service request form so that we can assist on time.

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