Gadget repair terms for Tzaneen-PC-Tech clients to understand the requirements of bringing a faulty Gadget for repair or troubleshooting.

Below are the Terms and Conditions of booking a Gadget for Repair or Troubleshooting.

  • A none refundable Advance Data Fee of R50 for (R100-R180 Service) OR R70 for (R200+ Service) is payable immediately whether Phone is repairable or not.
  • Tzaneen-PC-Tech is not liable for any data loss on your device and recommend that you make backup of your files before bringing in your device for repair.
  • Make sure you remove sim cards, memory card or dongles attached to your device because Tzaneen-Pc-Tech is not responsible for any accessory loss.
  • If Tzaneen-PC-Tech does not receive payment within 30 days after invoice date and notification, we recognize that you have agreed to forfeit your device in lieu of payment and will reserve the right to recycle your gadget.
  • Tzaneen-PC-Tech is not responsible for any hardware failure or other problems you didn’t disclose upon bringing your device.

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