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Thursday, March 7, 2019

How To Bypass iCloud Lock Temporarily On Any iPhone

The best way to bypass iCloud lock Temporarily on any iPhone device and access limited features of your phone while trying to find permanent solution - Reliable and useful way to bypass iCloud lock temporarily on your iPhone smartphone. 

How to bypass iCloud lock temporarily on any iPhone
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iPhone smartphones are high end and powerful pieces of devices which are highly fortified in terms of Security. iCloud lock becomes a nightmare to most users as an iCloud locked device is useless in many ways as you can't access most of your phone features. 

There is no easy way to overcome iCloud lock and all valid methods to do that are advanced and painful to any ordinary smartphone user. Since developers realize that thief's are increasingly stealing other people's devices in order to reuse or resell them, Apple Security measures make that objective nearly impossible to achieve with very tight iCloud security lock.  

If enabled, your iPhone will be useless in case is lost or someone steal it. 
So today I will be showing you how you can temporarily access to your iCloud locked iPhone in easy steps to follow.

Note that access will temporary but can be done overtime by repeating the same painless process but with access to limited functionality and you can access basic things like internet, YouTube, Email, Messaging & other simple features but no dial pad except emergency dial pad.

Follow simple steps below; 


Power "ON" your iPhone >> Connect to WiFi >> Press "Menu Button" >> Then press "More WiFi Settings" >> Now press the "i" next to your WiFi > Press "DNS" and enter "" >> Press Back and press "Next" to proceed >> Press "Back" again after pressing next >> Now wait until server connect >> After connection press "Menu" from the list then "Applications" >> press "iHaxDNS" to access your iPhone menu >> Browse around and test your apps >> You successfully accessed your iPhone now >> Press the "Back Arrow" to navigate back to the server main menu.

When you are done then you can go back and disconnect your WiFi or press "Done" top right of your screen. You can repeat the process overtime to re-access your iPhone.

Congratulations, you successfully accessed you iPhone temporarily while trying to figure a permanent solution.

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