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Thursday, November 23, 2017

How To Run Windows On USB Drive

The best easy ways to run windows on USB drive fast – Easy step by step instructions to run windows from USB flash drive.

How To Run Windows On USB Drive
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When you are used to certain windows operating system, you will need to have access to it at anytime whenever you want to use your computer. You can get tired of moving around with your laptop or notebook with you every time but a light weight option to get access to your favorite operating system is through the use of windows to USB tools available.

It sounds difficult but when you have the right tools the job becomes easier and fast to achieve with a bit of knowledge to facilitate the process. Some of the tools required to get the job done are rarely available but fortunately for you i have done all the research and testing for you then you will only need to read, understand and implement. What I like about computers and technology is that there is always a way to work around a problem and at the end come up with solution. It feels good to help others so that we can build a greater nation with advanced expertise when it comes to technology and solving problems.

Now let me get in the aspects of today’s topic to help you run windows operating system on your USB memory stick. First important thing you need is at least 16gig USB 3.0+ for windows 8 and below then at least 32gig for windows 10 as it will not fit well on a 16gig usb stick. One more thing you will need a copy of the operating system you want to run on your usb. So now you will need software tool to create a bootable usb so that you can boot from it. Remember to achieve these tasks you need to be familiar bios settings so that you can change your boot sequence. While we are still here I want to highlight that you do not need to change settings you do not understand in the bios as you may have big problems like your computer failing to boot.

In your BIOS, enable legacy support so that your usb memory stick can be listed in the boot device menu which can always be accessed through “F9” hotkey. Now that you configured your bios, you will need a piece of software called windows to usb (WinToUsb) and install it on your computer. Insert your usb memory stick in your PC and open WinToUsb software, browse and select your windows image then click next….Start the process until it finishes then you are done preparing your portable windows operating system.

Now restart your Pc so that it starts from your usb as configured in your bios settings, when it starts personalize settings the same way you do setting up your Pc for the first time then you are now ready to run windows from usb memory stick.

So if it does not start from your usb after you restart, during the restart process press “f9” repeatedly to access boot device menu then select your listed usb from the list so that you can start from it. If your usb is not listed, you did not configure legacy support in your bios then check your settings and follow the steps again.

I hope this article will help you run windows from usb and feel free to subscribe to receive important information and updates automatically as they are posted.