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Thursday, February 28, 2019

ACL Download For Tizen OS

The best way to download ACL for Tizen based OS when you want to install shareit on Samsung Z1 - Z4 series - Easy way to download ACL for Tizen OS so that you can install apps like SHAREit.

ACL Download For Tizen OS
Tizen OS is an unpopular OS running mostly on Samsung Z1 - Z4 series smartphones. When it comes to sharing files, it becomes difficult for most users to easily share files with other devices especially those on android OS.

Most android devices use SHAREit to share files with maximum speed better than sharing with Bluetooth. So Tizen based devices use its own sharing app which is not popular and will only work with Tizen  based smartphones.

Most user will love to use SHAREit on their devices but it is somehow difficult to install it on Tizen OS especially on Samsung Z series smartphones. The SHAREit app used by android devices will need elevation in order to work on Tizen OS if you want to use SHAREit as your file sharing app.

So today I want to show you how you can easily download ACL on your Tizen OS for you to run SHAREit on your phone. Note that there are sharing apps for Tizen based smartphones but SHAREit becomes the best when it comes to sharing.

First you will need to download your SHAREit  and ACL app in tpk format for Tizen OS so that they can be installed easily. First when you install your SHAREit app for the first time, you will get a prompt to install or update ACL so that it can support your installation. Most of the time it will fail to install or update ACL after downloading about 85 mb file.

So now you will need to download ACL from an external source so that you can install it without failure. Download and install it then after that install SHAREit then you are done.

Congratulations, you successfully installed SHAREit on Tizon OS.

Friday, April 20, 2018

How To Install Shareit On Samsung Z4

Best effective way to install ShareIt on Samsung Z4 with ACL support – How to download ShareIt, on Samsung Z4, Z1, Z2 and Z3 in Tizen store fast.

Get Z4 Support in Tzaneen
Download and install ShareIt for Samsung Z4, Z3, Z2 and Z1 so that you can share files with high speeds. The best way to install ShareIt on Tizen enabled Samsung smart phones.

ShareIt is a popular app smart phone users prefers when it comes to exchanging files other than using other file exchange methods like Bluetooth sharing as they are slow. Samsung devices running Tizen OS usually does not have this app in the Tizen store so that they can download it. Some user will download Xender instead but is not that popular as ShareIt.

So when you want to download ShareIt to your Samsung Z4 or any of the Samsung Z series, it becomes a very serious problem to find or even download it in your Tizen store. Today I will be sharing with you how you can easily install ShareIt in your Samsung Z4 smart phone so that you can share files with your friends and family fast.
Is easy to run such applications on android devices but when it comes to Tizen OS is different and troubling to download and install the app. One important thing is the so called ACL for Tizen OS which is required to support running applications which were not designed for Tizen OS. The first problem is that you may not find the ACL in your Tizen store or you managed to find it then it may fail to install.

First you will need to download ACL or ShareIt from the internet somewhere by conducting a simple search because if you searched for it in Tizen store then you will not find it. Try installing the ShareIt that you downloaded then after installation when you try to open it will require ACL to be installed on your device. Make sure you have enough data bundles as you will be redirected to the Tizen store to download ACL.

The download will start and when it completes it will start installing, if it fails to install then you will have to install ACL downloaded here manually the use the update option because it won’t run before you update it. After it updates then your ShareIt app will open, so within the ACL app make sure that ShareIt is set to ACL enabled app under settings.

Now ShareIt for your Samsung Z4 can be easily updated by going to the Tizen store.
Congratulations, you can now share files with friends and family with fast sending speeds.