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Thursday, July 14, 2022

Cyber attack mitigation after job application data compromise


Cyber attack mitigation after job application data compromise

Technology is allowing users to do everything online and electronically but the real danger is where your information can end up. There are simple things that internet users can do unaware they are giving personal information to criminals. There is no way you can know you are handing over personal information, because you think is a legitimate online transaction. Nowadays almost all job seekers apply jobs online with portable documents scanned and ready for their Applications.

It always seems like a legitimate application but you are not sure is a real employer on the other side of the Computer. The answer is you are not sure, anyone can post a vacancy online on Gumtree or any other job portal and get thousands job applications rich of personal information. Is scary how simple such information can be obtained because no verification of business or agency posting the vacancies in job hunting platforms.

False information can also be used to register as an employer in most job hunting platforms. Users can easily be targeted by fraudsters because they have everything about them in their application CV's and copies of qualifications sent. It becomes easy for criminals to forge user identities in large numbers.

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Is time to be careful especially on social media as hackers and fraudsters can target anyone based on information which is out there online somewhere. The only way to manage this kind of problem especially for job seekers is to stick to reputable job hunting platforms. Even though using reputation platforms doesn't guarantee enough security, at least it will minimise the problem.

Someone can be ruined in a bad way because personal information Landed in the wrong hands. Even big corporations with high security measures get hacked from time to time nowadays and no one is 100% secure anymore. Information also get stolen on computers remotely if there is no enough security or by giving a hacker access unaware.

There are many ways personal data can be obtained and prevention is a good start by enabling two factor authentication on any account. Never send personal data to dubious employers which you can't confirm their business and stick to legitimate online platforms.

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Monday, November 27, 2017

How to Protect Your Privacy On The Internet

Best ways to protect your privacy on the internet using facebook, twitter and dealing with sensitive information online - Protect personal data from leaking to the wrong hands buying or banking online.

Online privacy
Is funny how internet users become careless leaving personal information exposed online were any cyber criminal can lay his hands on it. Internet users from various online platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and others social platforms expose a lot of personal data which can be used against them in a very bad way. For instance now if I want any 100 cell numbers today on Facebook I can pull it off, but can you imagine how many ways a cyber criminal can use this information?

If you knew you would not put any private information exposed online, there are so many ways a cyber criminal can use your cell number, name, email or address to carry out a very sophisticated attack and ruin you. As a user you should take advantage of all the privacy features facebook , twitter or any other platform offers because once your personal information falls in a criminal's hands bad things can happen starting with your finances.

What you should be afraid of is that cyber crime is difficult to investigate and reporting the matter to the police once you have been attacked will be a waste of time as cyber criminals are intelligent enough to protect their identity. You better be safe than safe.

So now I will guide you on how to safeguard yourself and protect your private data from leaking to the wrong hands online. I will give examples looking at Facebook platform, Facebook security is improving on an ongoing basis but still cyber criminals will always find new ways to get around such security. Privacy settings of Facebook are very important when it comes to this problem, the most important data to protect online will be; cell number, email, date of birth, address and privacy settings for this data should be set to " Only me".

Even though you can say my friends should be able to see my date of birth and so then don't worry cause they will know when is your birthday even if they can't see your birth dates. The problem is that not everyone of your Facebook friend is a real friend, he/she might be a cyber stalker or any cyber criminal with criminal mindset then make no mistakes when it comes to this. Also enable your two step authentication to prevent criminal's from logging into your account on unrecognised devices.

Always logout of your account online when using browsers and make your password at least 8 characters alpha numeric water tight password to make it difficult for a cyber criminal to crack your code. In addition if you log into your Facebook or any other account using a web browser, always prefer browsers with an " incognito mode" so that you can hide yourself from preying cyber criminals.

I hope this article will help protect your personal data when using internet and facebook

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