Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Musk Twitter breaking when switching accounts and posting


Twitter breaking when posting and switching accounts

Since the management of Twitter changed everything seems to be breaking apart. Just recently users started experiencing an error when trying to switch accounts, add existing account or when starting a post. This problem is slowing down content writers because you can’t easily switch accounts to make updates. We understand that company lost experienced engineers who kept the platform running like an old machine. Change in management always have an effect especially on employee morale and losing well experienced workforce.


Twitter is experiencing the same problem where things are not fixed on time and making the platform not user friendly. Just two weeks back standard users came across a notification which tell users that SMS OTP will no longer work. So standard users will no longer receive OTP messages via SMS but to use an Authenticator or other methods of verification. The problem with Authentication Apps is that if a user loses the smartphone which is installed then you can’t verify. This is important especially if you forgot to store the backup codes separately.


There is no other way to verify if you lost the authenticating smartphone, no backup codes or other method to receive the OTP. Standard Twitter users are advised to back-up the codes after installing the Authentication App. The back-up codes will be very useful in future in case you lose your smartphones without other ways of receiving the OTP message. Everyone is hoping for the best to happen with Twitter but recent changes and glitches are something to think about. We hope twitter will fix the account switching or posting error because it still exists even today. Is two days in a raw experiencing the error and hope it will be fixed soon enough now that twitter knows about it.

It seems like the problem does not affect the Twitter App but internet browsers. We use Chrome to access the accounts and still experience the same problem. Anyone experiencing the same problem can share their experience through comment below the article.



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