Mobicel Astro google verification bypass Android 8.1.0 tutorial


Mobicel Astro google verification bypass Android 8.1.0 tutorial

Practically tested method to bypass google account on Mobicel Astro Android 8.1.0 when you forgot Gmail Account details.


Smartphones plays a critical role in our lives and when you can’t access it anymore feels like everything stopped. Mobicel is one of the most popular smartphone because is affordable but still provide better features. All Android phones running Android 5+ features FRP (Factory Restore Protection) to secure personal data if you lose it. Hard resetting the device activates FRP so that the user can verify that indeed is the owner opening the phone. If you don’t know or forgotten account details you can’t open the phone.


So today I’m going to show you how you can bypass google verification on your Mobicel Astro when you forgot Gmail details. Make sure your phone is fully charged with good Wi-Fi and a working SIM card.


First Power ON your Mobicel Astro with SIM inserted> Connect to Wi-Fi>> go back to Start menu> CALL the phone with another device> Press the Messages icon while Phone rings> Select Write my own> Messages will open> Press the + bottom left of messages> Press location icon> Press it again to open map> Press anywhere on the map> Coordinates will appear next to Send SMS> Press Send SMS> A link will be added in the message body> Press the link to open Maps> Agree to continue> Now press horizontal lines top left corner> Scroll down & open My Maps> Then press Open in Chrome top right corner> Open new tab> Type> Go to downloads> Download Remote1> open to install it & don't open it> Again Download Anddoes Launcher > Open to install it & open after installation>


You will arrive to home screen> Go to settings> Security> Device Admin> Disable Device Manager> Go back to settings> Apps & Notifications> All Apps> Press the dots top right of the screen> Select Show System> Disable Google Play Services & Google Services framework> Go back to settings> Users & Accounts> Add Account> Select the Blue Google icon> Add valid Gmail Account & sign-in> Don't mind the App Stopped Error>


Now go back to settings> Apps & Notifications>> All Apps> Press top right dots> Select Show System> Enable Google Play Services & Google Services Framework disabled previously> Restart your Mobicel Astro> Continue from start while connect to Wi-Fi> Wait for the device to Verify Account Details> After Confirmation, it will now say "Account Added">> Complete remaining setup steps> Then you are Done!!


Congratulations, you successfully bypassed Google Account Verification on Mobice Astro Android 8.1.0.



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