Monday, July 4, 2022

OnePlus Nord CE packs Fluid AMOLED display


OnePlus Nord CE packs Fluid AMOLED display

OnePlus is also trying everything in its power to come up with powerful smartphones. The OnePlus Nord CE will be mounted with a large 6.43 Inches screen to provide better graphics. Users can now view clear images in clarity on the device without glare. The ability to watch movies in clarity is enhanced with support of powerful Adreno 619 graphics built-in. Powerful Adreno graphics will work together with Qualcomm CPU to process quality images on the phone.


Getting deeper into more features built-in the OnePLus Nord CE smartphone, the device is powered by a fast CPU. The smartphone will be powered by a Snapdragon 750G 8nm processor to deliver high performance. The Octa-Core processor will ensure stability and the ability for users to multitask without glitches. Users can now multitask easily with support of massive memory boosting the CPU performance. The device will be mounted massive memory of up to 12GB ram to allow efficient flow of processes on the phone.


The ability to browse the internet and download files in high speed is also possible with support 5G network capabilities. Users can now download torrents in less time using fast 5G network connection. Downloaded torrents can also be stored on-board the device massive storage memory. The OnePlus Nord CE will be mounted with high capacity storage of up to 256GB to store downloaded files on-board. The device doesn’t support an external memory card but the massive on-board memory will be enough for most users. See full Smartphone Specs>>


OnePlus Nord CE also comes in three colours of Silver Gray, Blue Void and Charkoal for users to choose. IT weighs about 170g and operates on Android 11 Oxygen 11.0 which comes loaded with latest features. Users can expect pay an estimated $355 for the OnePlus Nord CE which looks reason considering powerful features built-in the device.


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